Tuesday, 29 January 2013

QVC Beauty Bash 2013

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend as a Blogger to the QVC Beauty Bash on Thursday 24th January.

I have always wanted to attend the QVC Beauty Bash and as you know I am avid watcher and purchaser of QVC products   When I was contacted from Elly and the team and invited to attend as a Blogger I jumped at the chance!  I booked annual leave especially and planned my journey to the Business Design Centre in Angel Islington.

Elly made sure that I had a choice of treatment booked in before the general public were allowed to join the Beauty Bash, but me being me I was incredibly late (sorry Elly) so I arrived after 9am when the general public had already been allowed in (traffic and transport were a nightmare!).  

None the less I still met and had my eyebrows threaded by the amazingly humble Shavata and her team (more about this below) I just thought I would write this post to tell you all about the beauty bash and what an amazing time I had!

Where the Event was held - Islington 
A world of Tranquillity did await!
Me posing on the stage after Alison Young had made her speech!
The Gatineau Treatment Area
Shavata's amazing advertising - I Simply adore the art work!  You HAVE to check out the rest of her website!
I was lucky enough to have my eyebrows threaded by the beautiful Shavata and her excellent team, I had a audience of other Beauty Bash attendees watching me, but this didn't put my therapist off, afterwards Shavata and the girls examined my eyebrows and then filled them in with an amazing kit which I have to buy!

You can find the wonderful world of Shavata and her amazing eyebrows by clicking 'Here'  I didn't actually realize that Shavata has a studio in Richmond, Surrey so I shall definitely be visiting that branch as it's quite local to me.

If you have never heard of Shavata before then please do check out her website, it's full of beautiful advertising, and really innovative products you can also purchase Shavata's products directly from QVC UK Shavata really is the queen of eye brows!

All the items I was lucky to receive in my Blogger Goodie bag
The goodie bag for the Beauty Bash was outstanding, I was shocked when Elly gave it to me, and thrilled by the products inside.

Some of the products I cannot stop using are -

The Leighton Denny Colour and Go Nail Colour 

This innovative design is a joy to use, not only does it contain the 'One for All' base and top coat by Leighton Denny but it also contains at the other end a 'Rouge Noir' a deepest red nail colour that is reminiscent of the Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish from years back! 

This duo is easy to hold in the hand when painting your nails, and the colour lasts up to 4-5 days on me which is outstanding considering the amount of work I do.  

I am really grateful for this product being in my goodie bag, I cannot wait for Leighton to bring out other colours in the range!

You can buy this 'Colour and Go' nail set in a duo form - from QVC UK for £18.50, it's a great product to keep in your handbag for touch-ups or travel because it doesn't take up much room!

Here's the link to the duo - Vamp Colour and Go 
Let me know what you think, I am now addicted!

Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil

I met with one of the lovely presenters for Australian Body care when I was walking around the Beauty Bash, as you can see from my goodie bag photo she was kind enough to give me samples of her range, but what I didn't realise is that contained in my goodie bag was a 10ml size of the actual Tea Tree Oil itself!  

I spoke to the presenter about how interested I was in the range, and how the smell I found very comforting and invigorating.  I liked that I was told how I could use the products for different reasons from bathing to helping with my psoriasis   The Tea Tree oil I received in my goodie bag I have been using everyday.  I currently have very bad spots and putting this on them before bed and in the morning has helped me no end.

I am going to continue to use this product as I have really seen my angry spots calm down since using it, and I am definitely going to purchase more from this range!  

You can purchase 3 of the 30ml sizes of the Tea Tree Oil directly from QVC 

And lastly Eve Lom - renowned in the blogging world for her cleanser and stared at by me in Space NK (and never purchased) I was lucky to receive a sample of this cleanser and the cloth to try, now I haven't tried this yet because as I said my skin is not at it's best at the moment but let me tell you there will be a full review of the Eve Lom cleanser and the other products contained in my goodie bag as and when I get around to trialing them for you all!

I was honored to attend this event and I am dying to go next year!  
There were so many brands at the Beauty Bash and presenters that I have watched for the past 16 years that I have been addicted to QVC!  I loved that new Today's Special Value's were displayed for people to see and how informative all of the staff were on each stand.  I have a wonderful Gatineau Facial kit to try which is another French skincare brand which I have been eager to trial for you all, so expect the words "Beauty Bash" and "QVC" mentioned quite a bit in the next few weeks.

Take a look at all the other brands stocked by QVC which is there dedicated Beauty Product section on their site.

Thanks to Elly and the team for inviting me!

Lots of Love



Tuesday, 15 January 2013

International Beauty Swap with The Southern Glamourista Box 2!!

Here's my video below showing what I was kindly sent by Amanda Mae from the Southern Glamourista blog.

We have both signed up to take part in the international beauty swap, and I really enjoy receiving my parcels from Amanda.  You can view the contents of my first box by clicking 'Here' 

Here's to many more swaps to come!

If you can think of any American beauty products which you recommend me trying and asking Amanda to send me please leave me a comment below, I'd really appreciate it.

She has really sent me a great collection of goodies to try and review for you all.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A New Year and a Fresh Start for 2013

Hi guys, I must firstly apologize for disappearing off of the blogging bandwagon since Christmas and since setting up my first ever giveaway for you all.    

Long before Christmas I was ill, and then over the Christmas break things with me health wise have gotten much worse.  I have been ill with a bad chest infection and I am still not 100% and have been unable to work.

The start of the new year for me was positive, and then my health has made me realize that I have had to take a step back and get myself back on top form.

There's been loads of bugs going around recently and I guess it was inevitable at some point, that I was going to get ill.

So it's the 8th day of a whole new year and here's some things which I hope to succeed in during 2013 -

My career 

I have learnt so much in my current role but I have been there over a year now and I have reached my full potential.  I need to think about what I want to do in my career, where I want to go and where I see myself being the happiest.  I always aim to stay in a role for two years at a time and then move on, and I feel that my time has come to see what else is out there.  I would love to get involved in social media for a company, work in events and marketing again.. the options are endless!


I haven't had a holiday for years, with family problems, my cats and not being settled job wise travel has taken a back seat!  I would LOVE to go to Paris, I adore French skincare and the architecture and I would really enjoy going to Paris for a long weekend with a friend.  Hopefully I will get there one day.  Once I have sampled everything Paris has to offer, the next place I would like to go is Greece, or Italy.

To fall in Love

As you know from my previous blog posts I have been internet dating for a while, and sometimes I am dedicated to it, and other times I just give up.  I always seem to get my hopes up and be let down, and although one guy I have dated we have become great friends, to meet someone who you click with and you can't get enough of them is a lovely feeling.  

There's so much I want to do and share with a partner that I feel that I will never get there, but I'm a positive person and I always think what will be, will be.  And if its meant to happen it will do, I'm in no rush!


They say life is a photo, and I adore photography.  I really need to save up for the Canon camera I have been lusting after for the past year, and then I can start taking photography courses and hopefully start up my own portfolio.  

I think this hobby will open up many avenues for me, and it will also improve my blog and my YouTube channel because I will have a proper HD camera to record with.  So getting the right piece of kit will really help me to grow.

My blog

My blog was a year old in December and I have adored blogging and meeting loads of lovely people along the way!

My aim for 2013 is to grow my blog even further, change things up, blog more regularly, make more YouTube videos, work more closely with media agencies to learn about new products and trial lots more of innovative beauty ideas.  

I find blogging is also a great escapism, where I can be myself and 100% honest its a great stress reliever too! But you have to have a life outside of your blog, so I try to have a good balance between the two!

And lastly I just want to be happy in 2013!

I have had a turbulent 3 years and now I am settled in a lovely flat, with a great housemate.  I have wonderful friends and have only a few things to sort out - these being my job, and finding a special someone but all these things will come in time.  The smallest things mean so much to me, talking to friends on the phone, spending quality time with those special friends, hugging my cats at night time, watching a movie with friends, looking at the stars at night time and realizing how small we are in the grand scheme of things.  Knowing that I have a great support network and that you are never truly on your own.  I have a feeling that 2013 will go well for me, you just have to have a positive mental attitude, and never give up on your dreams and what you want!!

what we all wish for at this time of year -

So thanks for reading my blog for the past year, and reading this post.  Please leave a comment below if you have set out goals for yourself for 2013, I would love to see what you guys have planned!

Have you entered my pink themed giveaway?? The closing date for entries is 1st February 2013 at  12 am GMT so you all have plenty of time to enter.  You can enter by clicking 'Here' 

Happy New Year to everyone.

Best Wishes


(All photos taken from weheartit)

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