Sunday 11 November 2012

Look Good Feel Better - Theatre of Beauty Event at Harvey Nichols

So on the 6th November 2012 I booked the day off to attend the Harvey Nichols Look Good.. Feel Better Event.

The event looked really interesting canapés and drinks and a goodie bag too - all for £15.00.
Of course they also offered a VIP ticket for £25.00 but I just didn't want to pay that amount just to meet a beauty editor from one of the glossy magazines for 15 minutes.

Look Good...Feel Better (The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Foundation) seems to have everything sorted out see the below information and advert about the event taken from their website (it really does look good but it isn't worth the money!! More on this later..)

                        Look Good...Feel Better, the beauty industry’s charity, and Harvey Nichols, the world’s leading international luxury beauty destination, have created the first ever series of ‘Theatre of Beauty’ evening events to run across all its stores nationwide on the below dates during November:

·         Knightsbridge, London – Tuesday 6 November (6-9pm)

·         Manchester – Wednesday 7 November (6-9pm)

·         Leeds –  Wednesday 7 November (6-9pm)

·         Bristol – Wednesday 7 November (6-9pm)

·         Birmingham – Wednesday 14 November (6-9pm)

·         Edinburgh – Wednesday 14 November (6-9pm)

·         Dublin – Thursday 15 November (6-9pm)

This new partnership and unique fundraising showcase will bring the UK’s Beauty Industry together to create a stunning beauty theatre first.

All tickets must be pre-booked via or can be purchased in-store

There are two ticket options available...

·         £15 – entry into the event, drinks, canapés and a gorgeous beauty goody bag

·         £25 – VIP ticket holders will enjoy a personal 15-20 minute, one-to-one with a Beauty Editor from one of the UK’s leading glossy women’s magazines or national newspapers. Inside a specially created ‘Beauty Editors’ lounge, you will receive expert and impartial advice on the hottest new products, trends and beauty tips, plus a specially created VIP goody bag filled with various skincare and make-up products.

All ticket holders will enjoy:

Drinks and canapés hospitality •• Beauty counters showcasing top make-up artists, consultants and brand ambassadors •• Mini make-overs, skin consultations and mini-treatments •• Luxurious competitions, beauty tombolas, with the chance to win lots of amazing prizes •• Live Q and A sessions with top beauty experts on stage

100% ticket proceeds will come to Look Good...Feel Better

My opinion of the evening -

The event started at 6pm, I got to the store at 7.15pm - there were no signs on any of the doors promoting the event, nor were there any signs inside the store telling you were to go.

When I found a member of staff they seemed confused as to where I needed to go and I ended up finding a queue of people and just waiting in that not knowing what it was for.

Once I had spoken to someone holding a clip board they took my name (not asking for my reference number for the purchased ticket) and gave me a pink itinerary sheet which informed me of the various events being held on the evening.  This itinerary could then be given over to collect your goodie bag.

The itinerary sheet

I was told where to collect my goodie bag and handed over the pink itinerary card to then be asked if I was VIP or a normal ticket holder (Now I could of lied at this point and told them that I was a VIP ticket holder because they seemed so disorganised but I didn't see the point because all bags were the same whether VIP or not! and I am an honest person)

Now onto the goodie bag - the photo below illustrates why I am so upset about this event -

It contained NOTHING! two Clarins products which I received for free some weeks back from my own local Clarins counter, some fragrance samples which you can also get for free from anywhere, some sour cream and chive popcorn - which is the weirdest taste combination to make popcorn in I have ever heard of.  To say I was upset about the goodie bag is an understatement it was a waste of time booking the ticket and also booking a day off annual leave to go.  I wish I hadn't bothered!

Beauty Editors’ lounge

The beauty editors lounge was packed full of people, everyone looked unhappy and it just didn't look professional to me.  I didn't recognise anyone in the chairs, it would of been nice if the booths or tables had the peoples names on them so that you could distinguish between the different beauty editors in turn helping those that have VIP tickets to their correct seats!

Above is the beauty Mart which is a new concept at Harvey Nichols, I was interested to see what all the fuss is about and made my way up to the 5th floor to check it out.  It wasn't anything to write home about, and was just racks of beauty brands lined up with curricular tables containing products you could try.

I think they are trying to copy Sapce NK with this idea and I just didn't feel very welcome to touch anything, and besides the sales assistant spent her whole time on the phone to her plumber about a leak - which wasn't the most professional of conversations to hold while a beauty event is going on in the store!!

Even the Christmas Harvey Nicks windows were a let down, they looked as if Lady Gaga had thrown up in them, they were gaudy and brash and not at all what I would expect from such a renowned Knightsbridge store!

So my verdict on this beauty event was quite low, a lot of time and money wasted on something which I hoped I could of shared with you all and told you about new items coming through the beauty halls for Christmas.. instead I was left to try and find a glass of champagne and the illusive canapes I was promised and I didn't even end up having either of those because I was so angry I didn't want to wait 30 minutes to drink or eat!

So £25.00 later, a one day travel card and the ticket price for this event wasn't worth it, and if you hear of this event happening again then please don't bother is my advice it just wasn't what it was cracked up to be!

Are there any events that you think I should go to that will be better then the Harvey Nicks theatre of beauty?

(All Photos my own)


  1. I think you have missed the point of the event. Had you arrived at the beginning and participated in each of the scheduled items, perhaps you would have enjoyed it more and had felt you'd gotten better value for your money. It was a charity event, so to go along expecting free food and drink and a goodie back stuffed with products was just setting yourself up for a disappointment. How much do you think it costs per head to provide champagne, canapés, a goodie bag plus the putting together ad running of the event? This post gives the impression that you are a blagger and freeloader. If I were you I'd delete it!

  2. Erm I write my blog from my own opinion not from anyone else's!! The fact that you have made your comment anonymously speaks volumes!

    I paid to attend this event and found that it wasn't what was advertised. If you don't like my blog post Then don't read it and leave anonymous comments!

  3. Honesty is the best policy. Glad you felt confident enough to write exactly what you thought.

  4. I think this is an honest reflection of what you thought of the event and I dont think you are a blagger, I would have been upset too - its quite clear that what was advertised was quite different from what happened on the night and it makes no difference if it was charity or not if you ask me. I will be avoiding events like this at Harvey Nics in future! Shame you had such a crappy time!

  5. I totally agree that you missed the entire point of this event. This charity is to empower women who are facing cancer and be able to show awareness and a way for them to feel better about themselves. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. Another anonymous comment! This blog post is old. If you don't like honesty don't read the post and then leave an anonymous comment!!


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