Monday 1 October 2012

ClaireaBella Designs and Toxic Fox

Being a Claire and having many nicknames including ClaireaBella means I am always looking out for personalised items which have a meaning to me.

I have always admired ClaireaBella designs as I am a massive TOWIE fan and I always see the girls on the programme strutting their stuff with one of the ClaireaBella bags!

Jess Wright from TOWIE with her ClaireaBella bag

To purchase a personalised ClaireaBella bag is difficult and I tried for 12 months with no luck because they are so popular!  But when I heard that ClaireaBella had teamed up with Toxic Fox I knew I was guaranteed to be able to buy one.

It's been on my wish list to purchase one for ages, but I have never gotten around to it and I was planning on treating myself for Christmas and then I was contacted via Twitter by Toxic Fox and was asked if I would like to receive one of the ClaireaBella bags to review and I jumped at the chance! 

How Claireabella Started

ClaireaBella was born from massively humble beginnings. She was born as a character based on Claire Barratt the founder of ClaireaBella designs.
The story starts with a trip to Paris with her then boyfriend, now husband Mr ClaireaBella (Jon). 
They had a drawing done by an artist in Place du Tertre, near to the bottom of the Sacre Coeur. Claire loved the way the artist captured her eyes.  The way he caught her eyes on paper was a true representation of her and she loved it.
 Claire painted her first jute bag inspired by the painting and the first ClaireBella bag was born! 
You can read more about the founder Claire by clicking 'Here'
About the brand -

The ClaireaBella Girl

Confidence, Courage and Charisma – ClaireaBella is a way of life. Created with love, ClaireaBella was born from hopes and dreams. An eternal reflection of beauty, glamour and style – she is the twinkle in the eye of every girl and the strut in every step. She is beautiful, she is inspiring, she is…… you!

What They Believe

At ClaireaBella they embrace life. Rather than trying to build a customer base, everything they do is aimed at building a family which is a direct reflection of the brands humble beginnings.
An extension of your personality, a fashion phenomenon, every single product is developed with love in the UK with one simple philosophy – Carry Yourself with Style!

My little bag arrived today and I am in love with it!

Me looking decidedly rough as! :-(

The cute label on the bottom corner of the bag

I adore all the glitter and the diamant√© eyes - its beyond cute!

Loving the pink bows!

The size of the bag is slightly smaller than an IPad, but it is a great size to carry your lunch in!

So adorable that it comes with a little charm saying "handmade with love"
You can buy these beautiful Jute bags by clicking 'Here' by looking at the website my bag would retail at £24.99 but I cannot find an exact match for it.

You can order these bags directly from both Toxic Fox or from the Claireabella Designs Boutique but stock is limited from the direct site so be warned! 

Here are some other ClaireaBella Designs you can purchase through Toxic Fox

There are so many ClaireaBella Designs to choose from on Toxic Fox and they really do make great Christmas gifts!

Have you heard of ClaireaBella Designs before?



  1. Aww lucky lady getting a freebie when you always wanted one. I love how much detail is put into each bag, anything handmade is a hit with me :D


  2. Hey honey, Yeah I know I was lucky to receive it, it brightened up my Monday! I have subbed to your blog via GFC and blog lovin so please do the same to mine. xxx

  3. i was just about to write i've never heard of claireabella and an advert came on tv for it!
    the bags are so cute i really want one now! they look so unique.

    now following your lovely blog.

  4. Hey Fashionista face - thanks for the great comment and I am pleased you enjoyed my post. I have followed your lovely blog now too. xx

  5. oh my gosh! this bag is lovely :) you're so lucky, i love towie and am so jel of all the girls with these gorgeous bags, it's just annoying how hard they are to get hold of :( i love how each of the bags are so unique and different :) love your blog by the way, now following you! xxx

  6. Hey Gemma! Aww fellow TOWIE fan I see yay!! :-)
    You must check out Toxic Fox's website to see all the other deigns that ClaireaBella do!

    Thanks for the follow I shall subb to your blog now too. xxxx

  7. Hey Laa Laa.. thanks for the comment honey, pleased you liked the post xx


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