Thursday 27 September 2012

International Beauty Swap - Southern Glamourista

Amanda Mae - Southern Glamourista
So I was lucky enough to see on Twitter the greatest of ideas! 
A beauty swap thanks to Lola Star Hearts  and BBU Beauty Blogger Unite.

You had to let Lola know the sort of person you wanted to be buddied up with and also the location of them within the world.  I specified someone in the USA because I haven't been back there for years and I love all American beauty products.  Being new to the blogging world I also wanted someone who liked the same sorts of things as me and we could swap girly gifts and have a fab time.

Lola did me so proud when she paired me up with the beautiful Amanda Mae from Southern Glamourista (above) and that was it, we swapped details through Lola and then we emailed back and forth with what we were looking for to send each other and what colours suited us.
I have never met such a lovely girl as Amanda Mae, she is such a cutie and we have definitely hit it off!
Here's a little post about the things which I kindly received from Amanda Mae she really spoilt me rotten!

We are going to do another beauty swap towards the middle of November so that we can have an extra bumper package ready for Christmas!  I am beyond excited. 
You can read Amanda Mae's blog post on the items that I sent her by clicking 'Here'

Here's some of the amazing things which Amanda sent me

So many things all beautifully wrapped

Donut sticks by Little Debbie these lasted me all of an hour I ate them both!

A large amount of gorgeous polishes and Nail products and the Impress nails that I have been lusting after for ages!

One of the Wet N Wild eye-shadow compacts - amazing colours!

The cutest Slatkin and Co car air freshener - I have this in my car now and it smells divine

One of the Little Debbie Marshmallow crispies that was delicious!

The Slatkin and Co "Leaves" candle that I have been lusting after for years! YAY!

The cutest anti bac pocket pack cat holder and the beautiful smelling Jasmine hand sanitiser

The other Wet N Wild eye shadow compact in gorgeous greens, Bath and Body Works Paris body lotion set. EOS Lip balm, and a cute Tennessee key-chain - I really was spoilt rotten and I love everything which I received!
A HUGE thank you to my new friend Amanda Mae!



  1. Aww wow she sent you such lovely things :) x x

  2. Hey Hema!

    I know I was spoilt rotten by Amanda Mae. xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Doughnut sticks.....yum! what a great swap, I am now following Southern Glamourista :)

  5. Hey Sugarpuffish! Thanks for following Amanda Mae.. you'll love her blog :-)

  6. aw I am just so glad you loved everything and I am very glad they chose us to be "swapping buddies" too! I can't wait for our next swap!! :D

  7. I'm curious.. How much did this cost for her to mail to you? The doughnut sticks looks delicious!

    Chelle x


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