Friday 10 August 2012

I am hosting a Stella & Dot Jewellery Trunk show - Come and Join me!!

I've found a great reason to get together with old friends and new! 

I'm hosting a Stella and Dot jewellery Trunk Show, and I would love to see you there. 

Drop by to browse irresistible, affordable Stella & Dot accessories.

Just click on the link below to take you to my Trunk show where you can browse and also purchase fantastic jewellery items!


Information about the collection

Stella & Dot have just unveiled their new Autumn Winter 2012 Collection, showcasing 92 new gorgeous pieces, inspired by natural elements and vintage style.  

There are four separate collection themes:

§  Mod Safari Collection
§  Charm Collection
§  Romantics Collection
§  Everyday Essentials Collection

Mod Safari Collection 

The Mod Safari Collection features the striking Kalahari Bangle a zebra themed, white and black enamel bangle with gold accentuation, and a delightfully creative design showcasing two heads which meet at the wrist (£65). 

Another favorite in the new collection, is the Chimera Bangle, featuring a gold and glass stone Lion Head and cast rope design (£45). 

Meanwhile the Nina Bracelet below

is another eye catching and uber expensive looking addition to the line. Featuring gold plated brass chain, nylon thread, and smokey quartz faceted glass; all in a refreshing mix of edgy and classic, the bracelet is stunning on its own, or added as a layering piece with others you may have at home (£40).

Charm Collection

The New Charm Collection features 23 new pieces, including 17 new charms and 6 delicate necklaces.  You can choose your own base necklace, bracelet, or earring, and then  a personalised keepsake for yourself, a girlfriend, or a loved one that you are sure you and she will always treasure.

The new Tree of Life Necklace below, offered in gold or silver is a timeless classic that everyone will admire and covet (£55).

Also loving the Pitter Patter Charm,  perfect for all those new or soon-to-be Mums out there (£29)!

Of course, in 2012, no charm bracelet would be complete without a right royal charm so the new Queen Bee Charm is an absolute essential (£22).

Romantics Collection 

Inspired by Victorian estate jewellery, the New Romantics Collection  adds a touch of mixed metals, edgy textures, and bold design to the new Autumn Winter 2012 Stella & Dot Collection. It also is home to most of the season’s statement pieces.

Two of the stand out pieces are the incredible Estate Bib Necklace (£170) below

and to die for Tempest Necklace (£170).  Both statement necklaces feature an eye catching mix of mixed metals, brass, steel, and stone and will make even the most simple of wardrobes pop like you have never seen before. Workable from day to night these two statement pieces are an absolute must.

Meanwhile for something altogether more delicate, the Secret Garden cuff (£85)

and statement earrings (£32) offer a touch of whimsical yet simple beauty and class. The delicate bronze leaves of the earrings sparkle with a graceful pave spine of cubic zirconia stones – a truly timeless classic.

Everyday Essentials Collection 

The Everyday Essentials Collection features 20 new timeless, classic, artfully designed everyday accessory items that can be worn alone or layered to create a beautiful new look.

The bohemian appeal of the La Folie Necklace

with its semi-precious lapis and green onyx stone cast a splash of colour on the gold plated brass chain and teardrop necklace (£40).

Meanwhile the Jordyn Filigree Earrings are simply striking and offer the perfect addition to any jewellery box, bringing with them sophisticated day and night wear (£40).

Finally. As part of the Everyday Essentials Collection, Stella & Dot decided to create a new design for their Stella & Dot Foundation Bracelet, which benefits and supports young women and children.

The new foundation bracelets are featured in red and turquoise. The gold and silver plated brass and steel chains are braided with signature threads creating a trendy, everyday look you can gift or wear yourself (£32).

If you love it all, why not treat yourself to some and then host your own Stella and Dot party to get more jewellery for free?

Help great style go viral and host a Trunk Show at your home or office - it's like your own personal pop-up shop complete with a Stella and Dot Stylist.

Spreading the love is just that fun and easy. Want to go one step further? If you can’t live without the style, you could always become a Stylist and set up a business all about passion and flexibility with fabulous rewards. 

Contact Stylist Amy Harker at for more information.

I hope you have enjoyed this post?  Besides it helps me to own more exciting pieces of jewellery from this amazing brand - so please help me today by buying a nice piece of jewellery from Stella and Dot!

I will keep my online store for 3 weeks and then take it down so this post may get recycled to advertise my online shop! 

Let me know your thoughts on the collection.

Best Wishes





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