Friday 6 July 2012

New Websites To Look Out For - Volume 1 -

Hi Guys,

Recently I have been nosing around the interweb at new and exciting clothing / footwear websites and I came across one website in particular which seems to have a broad range of brands which I have never heard of before.

Now I know that I have reviewed some items bought from amongst others and I made some lovely videos for you all featuring my friend Moose.  We reviewed the exciting things she purchased from these websites, and you all found that post interesting. 

This time I thought with my budget being tight why not start posting about new websites I have found and start calling them 'New Websites to Look out for - Volume 1' - (and then continue the volumes according to however many I can find?)

So today is my first of the 'Websites to Look Out for' posts and today is all about -

Number Eight is a lifestyle fashion boutique, based in the heart of Scotland, in the historic town of Stirling.  (Now doesn't that sound Idyllic?!)

Number Eight Clothing is extremely well known by they're customers and suppliers - for the fine selection of exclusive brands that they select for they're company.

Brands include -

UGG Australia
Ted Baker London
SCOTCH adn Soda
Dubarry (Boots)
Loake Shoes
Gant UK
Farah Clothing
Number Eight is considered by many of their suppliers to be the most unique and best merchandised store in Scotland.

They are constantly evolving by looking for new inspiration and listening to the needs of their customers.  So each season, you are guaranteed to find something new and exciting!

Number Eight's evolving selection of brands puts them right at the forefront of the lifestyle fashion market.

I am really pleased that I stumbled across this website.  There were several items which caught my eye so here's my wish list from this great website (for when I win the lottery LOL!)

Ohh and another thing,  number Eight currently has a sale on with free postage and packing when you spend over £100!  Sweet as!!

Scotch & Soda love to make great garments that suit every individual.  They want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Number Eight sells a variety of Scotch & Soda Menswear,  such as:-

Jackets, Blazers, Shirts and accessories.  In particular the ever popular Scotch & Soda Leather iPhone case.

Now, I know this is a menswear brand but I thought I would compile a little list of things which would make great presents for the guy friends that are in my life!

Scotch & Soda Leather Iphone Case

If you are looking for a fashionable way to protect your iPhone 4, consider this leather case. A great option, combining a stylish and sleek look with functionality.

It's £30.00 and extremely smart - I know that anyone would be happy getting this out of their pocket to make a call! You can find the case by clicking 'Here'

I really like Scotch and Soda's 'City Full of Colour' an Interview Project photography portfolio from they're website.  I love photography so this really caught my eye, you can find further brand information about Scotch and Soda by clicking 'Here'

The Farah brand was born in the 1920s but it was not until the 1970s in the UK that it reached the cult status it holds today. The Farah label still holds the heritage and vigour it stood for in the past. A whole new generation of men throughout the world are drawn to the brand’s history and inspired to rediscover a distinct look for themselves.

 The Farah brand won the Drapers Fashion Awards 2011 winner for Menswear Brand of the Year.

What an accolade!

I really like the colours and shape of The Farah Steele Tee above.  It is a very unique and stylish piece of clothing, with its two tone design and wide neck.  It is currently in the sale at £23.00 you can find it by clicking 'Here' I think my housemate would definitely enjoy wearing this.

Next in the brands that caught my eye on the Number Eight website were Loake Shoemakers England.

Wow, what can I say about their shoes?  If a man worn a pair of these then he is one dapper chap.  This brand is for an English Gent through and through... here's a little bit of information on the brand -

The Loake shoemaking tradition began in 1880 when brothers Thomas, John and William opened a factory in Northampton in the heart of the English shoemaking industry. The aim was to provide the most handsome, comfortable and durable gentlemen's shoes possible. Loake are equally obsessive about the quality of the materials they use. Only the finest grade leathers are chosen to ensure both the finish and the comfort of your Loake shoe. The process required to make a pair of Goodyear Welted Loake shoes involves some 170 skilled craftspeople, up to 75 shoe parts and over 200 different operations. It takes on average eight weeks from start to finish to complete each pair.

8 weeks to complete on pair of shoes?  How beautiful!

Here's a few items from Loake which caught my eye 

The Rhodes Chukka boot boasts a grade oiled suede upper, Evolution technology and   Goodyear welted flexible leather soles.  Goodyear for feet? Whatever next? But they do sound amazing!  These boots are £155 and be found by clicking 'Here'

The Loake Luxury Valet Box - Now this is what I call classy, if your dad loves leather shoes and is always complaining about getting them cleaned then why not treat him to the optimal shoe cleaning kit?  

Wooden valet box with brass fittings.  Containing 6 tins of wax polish (1 each of black, dark brown, mid-brown, tan, burgundy & neutral), suede protector & suede cleaner, oil for waxy leather, 4 brushes, a polishing cloth & a shoe horn.

This box is £95.00 and to be honest the box itself looks amazing!  If you have that special Dad who just has everything this would look lovely near his briefcase (if he has one LOL!) You can find this piece of kit by clicking 'Here'

And lastly but no means least my wish list from this site -

I am in LOVE with these UGG Australia boots! I have 7 pairs of UGG boots and that's including one pair of pink slippers and these 'Plumdale' UGGs are just gorgeous!  I love the colour, and the suede tassel's I don't have any UGGs like these myself.  

The Plumdale is new for the AW12 collection, so no doubt I will be lusting after these for months to come :-( You can find these boots by clicking 'Here' they are £220

Next along the shoe line are these amazing Hunter Aubrey shoes / Ballerinas.
Now I know that Hunter is popular with the festival goers (me not being one of them) but I never knew that Hunter actually designed other shoes? 

Practical and beautiful, the rubber construction combines with a micro-fibre lining, luxurious leather insole and grosgrain ribbon top bind. 

The Aubrey is constructed from quilted rubber, and carries a beautiful emblem rivet on the toe with emblem buckles on either side. 

Upper - Made from natural rubber compounds, the shoes are vulcanised to achieve greater strength which allows the shoe to hold its shape better. Linings - used are micro-fibre lining which is soft, lightweight and easy to care for. Footbed - luxurious leather insoles add extra comfort and will aid fit.

The Aubrey is £69.00 and is available by clicking 'Here'

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it and finding out all about the Number Eight Clothing website.

Let me know if you have heard of Number Eight Clothing before?

I will hopefully post more new websites that I find every week, so keep a look out for them!




(All images taken from relevant websites listed in post)

 170 skilled craftspeople, up to 75 shoe parts and over 200 different operations. It takes on average eight weeks from st


  1. It sounds good, I'll have to check it out :) I'm always looking for new clothes websites too!

  2. Thanks Sophie, I am going to post these weekly so keep a look out for them :-) xx


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