Wednesday 4 July 2012

GlossyBox June 2012 Review - My Last!

Hi guys, and welcome to my last GlossyBox review. 

I have decided to unsubscribe to Glossybox because I have been so disappointed with the last two boxes I have received and I fear that the quality is only going to get worse as time goes on. 
So instead of paying £12.95 each month for hardly anything I have cancelled my subscription and in the next few weeks I shall be looking for a new beauty box to subscribe to.

Here is my video below which goes into more detail on the June GlossyBox contents and the reasons why I have unsubscribed.

The contents - Not much to be honest!

VICHY Dernablend starter kit - this kit was interesting, I used the palest shade and the foundation didn't suit me at all, it rubbed off easily and was extremely cakey.

GlossyBox Blusher Brush - dreadful quality with a RRP of £15.00?? MADNESS!!

HD Brows Precision tweezers - these were a nice edition to the June box but nothing special in my eyes

BM Beauty Bronzer - a tiny sized bronzer which I know would make an awful mess once opened so for now this is staying closed 

Caudalie fragrance - my favourite item in the box, but again probably a perfume sample you could pick up for free!

I'm sorry if this review isn't as positive as my past GlossyBox reviews but as always I am honest with you all about my feelings on the products I use.  This box just isn't worth the money! 

Are there any other beauty boxes that have better quality contents than GlossyBox?

Let me know!

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  1. My Glossybox dissapointed me too. I did a review a couple weeks ago. If my Glossyboxes don't get better soon, I'll be unsubscribing too!

  2. Good for you for being so honest. Is the bronzer just a loose powder then, in a small pot?! How are you supposed to use that?

    I'm always looking out for new eyebrow gadgets, but the HD brows tweezers just look like the Boots own brand ones I use. What is supposed to make them special?

  3. Hey Sarah - yep the bronzer was loose in the pot - looked to messy so didn't bother with it! :-( Are you a subscriber to glossybox? x

    Jenni Jen - are there any other boxes i should be subbed too? x

  4. I got the same box too and I share the same views - i was really dissapointed aswell. I'm not really sure what to do with the little pot of bronzer....! I loved the tweezers, i needed a new pair! x

  5. I unsubscribed from GB a few months ago and tried She Said Beauty instead.. SUCH an improvement, seriously! I'm about to do a blog post on this months contents but basically, it's £1 cheaper, you get 3-4 FULL SIZED products and 1-2 sample sizes, plus each month you get a bonus product, so 6 things! I just think it's an all around better box and their customer service is better too! If you wanna tweet me @katiefhowell if you wanna know anything else, but that is definitely my recommendation xxx


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