Friday, 30 March 2012

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes Review

Hello Chickies!
I was lucky enough to be bought the Real Techniques Core Collection for my birthday (Thank you Leigh) and here's my review on this amazing kit!

The kit is available to buy from Boots, it's £21.99.
Here's My video presentation on this kit and my first impressions from using the brushes -


The lovely case and presentation of the brushes

The Brushes themselves

How you can use the stand in different ways

Pointed foundation brush

Contour Brush

Detail Brush

The soft Bristles of the Buffing Brush

Buffing Brush
Here's the link -

Real Techniques Core Collection

I am really impressed by this kit, the brushes are amazing quality and worth every penny.
They are soft and luxurious and great value for money.
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Have you tried the real techniques range?
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Claire xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Shanghai Rose Solid Perfume Review and Shaz Appeal Charity

Hi Guys,
So today I thought I would talk to you all about two things that aren't linked but I wanted to tell you all about
- Shanghai Rose Solid Perfumes and also the Shaz Appeal Charity for Cancer.
Shanghai Rose solid perfumes were available for £7 from Accessorize (this is where Moosey bought hers) but they are not available there so we thought we would review them anyway because we have found them cheaper on Amazon for £5.50!
These perfumes are so pretty to have in your handbag and the perfumes smell gorgeous so do check them out.

Here's our video presentation about the Shanghai Rose solid perfumes -

  • Solid perfume is a great way to carry a little fragrance around with you without the fear of a nasty spill messing up your expensive handbag or purse.
  • These unique collectible fragrances sourced from french parfumier Givaudin are fresh and understated and are perfect for day or evening use.
  • Each fragrance is captured in a microcrystalline wax base and can be applied like a balm onto pulse points.
  • Each tub is boxed in an Oriental art deco style miniature box - perfect stocking filler
  • size 40 x 10mm

  • Link to Amazon where you can buy these pretty solid perfumes from 'Here'

    Price - £5.50

    Shaz Appeal website -

    Background of Shaz Appeal :

     The ‘Shaz Appeal’ was set up by Sharon Fairhead following her diagnosis and treatment for Breast Cancer in 2010. Shaz Appeal aims to raise money to support people impacted by cancer. We also aim to support organisations and charities involved in cancer diagnosis, care and research.

    Please support this wonderful brave lady!

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    Claire xx

    Number 57 - Marine

    Number 71 - Lychee

    Number 93 - Lime Zest

    Friday, 23 March 2012

    Website Review - Gift Guide March 2012

    Welcome to Emilly (AKA Moosey) and I's first video together!

    (some pictures my own and others taken from the relevant website featured)

    Moosey is one of my best friends and she loves internet shopping as much as me, so why not do a video together to explain Emilly's recent purchases for her boyfriends birthday?

    We are discussing websites for gifts for guys or girls, but in this instance it's for a guy.
    We wanted to share with you our experience of these websites and how fast the delivery is and the quality of the products on offer.

    Volunteer Point is currently home to approximately 1,200 adult King penguins and 345 chicks and is one of the most popular tourist locations in the Falklands. By adopting a penguin you can help to fund conservation of this area and protect these glorious creatures.

    The Falklands Conservation group supports research programmes to monitor the penguins in order to establish and eradicate potential threats to their survival and prevents undue disturbance to their habitat. This adoption pack makes both an educational and rewarding gift.         

    For the penguin sponsorship the website is - cost £30 for a year please click 'Here' to view.

    For the Banksy canvasses the website is - cost £20.00 each click 'Here' for the full range

    For the keepsake necklace the website is - cost £20.00 please click 'Here' to view the full information

    'You're Priceless' Card With Silver Tag Keepsake

    'You're Priceless' Card With Silver Tag Keepsake

    For the personalised badges the website is - cost £3.50 'Here'

    Badges Image 1

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      It would mean a lot to me.


    Claire xx

    Tuesday, 20 March 2012

    EBay - I'm selling my items for a good cause, please help me raise some money!

    So over the weekend I have taken advantage of the no insertion fees on EBay and have decided to sell some of my items and items that have been kindly donated to me.

    As you may already know I am saving to move in with my friend so every penny counts and we plan to start looking at the end of April once I have my part of the deposit saved up. (It is tough)

    I will be regularly visiting my storage unit and selling items in there and also asking friends to donate things so this is my first batch of items.

    Some of the items are brand new, and others although used are in very good condition!

    All of the items are on a 10 day listing so please keep a look out for these items and bid if you would like anything.

    Eyeko Fat stick
    Brand new H&M Trousers size 20
    F&F Top size 14
    Topshop Top size 16
    H&M Cardigan size 10
    Topshop Shorts size 12
    BNWT French Connection Long Sleeve top size L
    New Look Sparkly Cardigan size L
    Monsoon Silk Skirt size 10
    Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
    Warehouse Skirt size 12
    There are makeup items, and clothes of various sizes so there is something for everyone.

    Do visit my eBay page and take a look. Your support would be gratefully received - myworld.ebay

    Lots of love




    Saturday, 17 March 2012

    Dermalogica - My favourite Skincare Products

    Hi there Honeys, Happy St Paddy's Day!!
    I have not heard many other bloggers talk about Dermalogica products before, have you? 
     I have been using Dermalogica for years and I am always finding new products in the range which exceed all my expectations!
    I have really dry, and senstive skin which when using the wrong products can turn spotty, dry and flaky and very tight and sore. 
    A friend of mine has a salon which only stocks Dermalogica and this is what started me onto this wonderful world of skincare.
    Yes the products aren't cheap, and at times you feel as though you should be reaching for a high street / cheaper brand but my skin always tells me otherwise and no matter how tight on funds I am, I always go back.
    So here's my favourite Dermalogica products, I shall list as much information on each and what I use them for, I hope you find this post useful. (please excuse the grainy photos)

    My favourite Dernalogica skincare products

    Ultra Calming Cleanser

    This extremely gentle, pH-balanced gel/cream glides easily over face and eyes to cleanse without stripping the skin's protective barrier.
    Benefits of Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser

    •Improved formula is sulfate-free and includes UltraCalming Complex.

    •Helps calm and cool the redness, heat and discomfort of rosacea, sensitized or highly reactive skin.

    •Easily rinses away or wipes off, making it ideal for skin so sensitized it cannot tolerate water.

    •Can be used as an eye and lip make-up remover.

    Key Ingredients in Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser -

    •UltraCalming™ Complex: helps reduce sensitivity, redness, irritation and inflammation.

    •Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract: promotes healing while providing soothing properties to inflamed skin.

    •Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Fruit Extract: has antiseptic and disinfectant qualities; can also be used to desensitize the skin.

    •Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract: contains cooling agents that help soothe and calm irritated skin.

    •Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B):promotes tissue regeneration and acts as a humectant.

    Application of Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser -

    1.Apply to dry or damp face and neck with light, upward strokes and over closed eyes with gentle circular motions.

    2.Rinse thoroughly with warm water or remove with damp cotton pads.

    3.Follow with UltraCalming™ Mist and UltraCalming™ Serum Concentrate.

    I use this everyday, although the one photographed is a travel size version, because I have to purchase a replacement full size.  This takes off all make up, even eye makeup and doesn't aggrevate your eyes.
     You can buy this from Jerseybeauty for £18.99 for a 200ml 'Here'

    Ultra Calming Mist
    A soothing, hydrating mist that quickly relieves sensitivity while helping to calm redness, stinging and aggravated skin.
    Benefits of Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist -

    •Quickly relieves inflammation and discomfort, helping skin recover from damage and lipid barrier breakdown.

    •Helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption.

    •Easy-to-use spray application

    •Can be used after epilation, waxing or exfoliation for soothing benefits

    I use this after cleansing, its really refreshes your skin, and in the summer I put this in the fridge!
    You can buy it also from Jersey beauty for £8.65 for 50ml Travel Size 'Here'

    Super Rich Repair Mosituriser

    Benefits of Dermalogica Super Rich Repair -

      Nourish skin with critical hydration and lock in vital moisture.
    Restore skin elasticity and tone while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.
      Defend against environmental assaults that cause the visible signs of aging
      I use this every day, I use one pump and it covers my whole face and neck, it is so luxurious and moisturising.  If you have dry skin, then this is the best moisturiser I have ever used!

      You can buy this from Jersey Beauty for 50ml £41.50

    Solar Defense Booster SPF 30

    Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster is a sunblock supplement specifically formulated to add full spectrum protection to your favorite moisturizer or make-up. Or, it may also be used alone for maximum SPF30 protection.

    Benefits of Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster -

    Advanced formula allows you to add sun protection to any Dermalogica moisturizer or treatment foundation.
      Highly-active botanical extracts and vitamins help scavenge free radicals, helping to combat premature aging.
      I use this every morning, I mix this with my super rich repair moisturiser so that it covers everything perfectly.  It really protects my skin and ensures that I do not gain any more sun damage to my fair skin. 

      You can buy this from Jersey Beauty for £23.77

    Multivitamin Power Firm

    Combat visible lines around the eye and lip areas with Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm - a powerful firming complex of skin-rebuilding antioxidant vitamins, protective organic silicones and Seaweed Extract.

    Benefits of Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm -

    Helps repair the signs of premature aging.

    Increases skin elasticity and firmness.

    Scavenges dangerous free radicals.

    Protects against moisture loss.

    This product and my moisturiser from Dermalogica are my go to items everyday, or my dessert island products! 

    This Power Rich cream / gel texture is pure genious on my eye area for smoothing out lines and dryness and reconditioning my skin.  I also put this on any dry areas around my mouth as a lip product and rub it in on my forehead.  I wake up in the morning to refreshed skin that is smooth and healthy and just feels better.  If you haven't tried this product then please do.

    The size photographed is 5ml and it was in a kit so this is not full size but has lasted me months!

    You can find this amazing product for £26.98 for 15ml 'Here'

    I hope you have enjoyed this post?  Have you tried anything which I have mentioned?

    BIG kisses and hello to my new Twitter/ Instagram / GFC and Youtube followers, its great to meet you!



    (Pictures are my own and information about all of the products  mentioned is taken from the Jersey Beauty website, My products were not purchased from Jersey Beauty but I have heard great things about this company)

    Wednesday, 14 March 2012

    The Lust List - March 2012

    Well Hello there pretty ladies (and men of course if you read my blog)
    So I have been lusting after lots of lovely things recently, and I thought I would share with you all some of the things I really would like.  I will entitle these posts as "The Lust List" and then the month so that you can click on the links to these items should you like them as much as me! Keep in mind these items do not go together to form an outfit they are just different things that I like.

    First up items from New Look -


    Mischa Barton Colour Block Bag Click 'Here' for the link


    Mischa Barton. Colour block bag in pink and cream. Twist clasp front, detachable shoulder strap, cushioned carry handle, multiple inner pockets and rich purple lining.


    Mint green loose cut vest top in a semi sheer chiffon fabric. Patterned with an all over bird print it features a scooped round neck line with bold black border and chest pocket detail.

    Bird print chiffon vest top £19.99 Click 'Here' for the link


    Cream top with purple butterfly print and lace insert at the top. Short ruched sleeves, round neck and visible gold zip at the back.

    Cream Butterfly Lace Insert Top Click 'Here' for the link



    Cream sleeveless shirt with an all-over bird print in pastel blue and pink. Classic collar with button-fastening front.

    Cream Bird Print Shirt Click 'Here' for the link


    Items from MissGuided - 

    Now the clothes from Missguided are really small so unfortunately do not fit me but I can still lust over the shoes!s


    MICIL VELVETEEN CAT FACE PUMPS Click 'Here' for the link



    Velvet feel pumps with cat face embroidered detail

    HELDA STUDDED SLIPPER SHOES Click 'Here' for the link



    Studded slipper shoes in faux suede

    Studded detailing to the front with an almond shaped toe

    Items from Miss Selfridge -

    Sheer chiffon waterfall jacket with blouson sleeve detail. 100% Polyester. Machine washable Click 'Here' for the link


    Pink Glasses Cat Vest Click 'Here' for the link

    Price: £20.00

    Colour: White

    Chihuahua Socks Click 'Here' for the link

    Price: £3.00

    Colour: Fluorescent Pink

    As you can see most of my items are without trousers to match as I have to try those on before I buy, so this is purely a top and accessory lust list.

    I hope you enjoyed this?

    Thanks for reading and please subscribe.



    (Photos taken from relevant retailer websites)

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