Thursday 2 February 2012

Soap and Glory Mascara Review and comparison against one of my favourites - Lancome L’Extrême Mascara

Good Morning chickadees!

I thought I would put up a review of the Soap and Glory mascara that I posted about yesterday. 
I have used it this morning, and here are some pictures and my overall thoughts of this product.  (yes I know it was free and I should be grateful.
(but the magazine was £3.90 (expensive!) and this is a new range of make-up so deserves someones honest opinion)

Here's the product, it was full size in the March edition of Elle magazine which is really generous considering it retails for £10.00

The brush - it is HUGE! the pictures I have taken illustrate just how cumbersome this mascara actually is!

My bare eye, I know what your thinking I look like I have no eyelashes but I do have really really long blonde eyelashes that once coated in mascara - come out of hiding!

The size of the brush in comparison to my eye.  You can see here just how big it is!  There is no way you can reach the lash line perfectly because the brush just gets in the way.

I am trying to reach my lower lash line here, I managed to use the point of the mascara wand to reach them but it wasn't easy.

My finished made up eye.

Overall opinion -

I really don't like this mascara, I felt as though I was going to injure myself at any given moment because the brush is far too big!  Yes it was free but I am so pleased I never paid for this full price.  It just shows you that a new range of make up can come out but it doesn't necessarily mean it is a bargain or any good like the other products in the range (e.g body products). 

I was impressed with the freebie overall, but considering in Easy living March's edition you can get a free L'Occitane hand cream worth £7.50 I shall be more inclined to collect that and use it as L'Occitanes hand creams are the best.

I have also compared this Soap and Glory mascara to one of my favourite mascaras which I have just yesterday ran out of and then you can see what I am mean by the brush so here goes -

One of my favourite mascaras is Lancome's L’Extrême-

Instant Lash Extension!

I extend my lashes up to 60%. Much more than just lengthening by way of an optical illusion, the mascara L’Extrême gives lashes visible lengthening. Absolute, ultimate, maximum…and extreme lengthening! Like real lashes at the tips of lashes, lengthen up to 60%!

The mascara brush is much smaller, and it isn't a comb but more of a finer brush with a small nib meaning that you can get as close to the lash line as possible.

What the Lancome mascara does -

Visibly longer lashes: the exclusive FiberStretch™ Complex, a combination of supple synthetic silk fibers plus a patented adhesive polymer, enrobes each lash from root to tip creating immediate visible length : up to 60% ! The patented, Hi-Contact brush catches every lash at the root for optimal lengthening and perfect separation.
Multi-benefits: the long-wearing formula stays in place all-day as softening agents, supple waxes & patented Céramides® protect lashes. The sensual fluid texture glides on easily with ample “play time” for perfect application.

Sophisticated results: from the first application, lashes are instantly lengthened…to the extreme.

This mascara is Ophthalmologist-Tested too!

This mascara retails for £21.00 you can find it HERE and it isn't cheap in comparison to the Soap and Glory mascara but overall the coverage is better, it lasts all day and it is a joy to use.  The packaging means you can grip the wand better and it is a true black and can reach the smallest of lashes with ease. 

I go back to this mascara everytime, because it is just a pleasure to use.  I have used Bobby Brown, Clinique and Estee Lauder but the girls at my local Lancome counter always spoil me so I guess that's why I go back.  Plus the products never fail to live up to the price tag or what they say they do.

What do you think of the free Soap and Glory mascara?  Have you used Lancome before?

Thanks for reading and welcome to all my new followers on Twitter and my new members to my blog :-D

Hugs Claire


(Lancome mascara information from website and tweaked by me, photos my own)



  1. I was thinkin EXACTLY this when I was puttin it on my lashes in the mornin! I was actually scared I poke my eye out with it lol and the packaging is on the cheaper side to be fair! I'd say worth not more than a fiver:S xx

  2. My eyes are so sore babe, I don't know if it's coz of this or because I'm knackered!

    I will be selling this on because there's not much point keeping two!

    Hope you're ok babe I won't be long for bed :-( xx

  3. I was going to buy Elle this month for the mascara, but not read many good things about this mascara! Shame as I was really excited about their make up range.
    Stace x

  4. Stace - nope don't worry about buying it not much point. And the mag looks huge but every other page is adverts and a waste of £3.90 to be honest. Pleased I could help you make a decision.

    There's an offer on with GQ mag too that gives you £20 off of KG (Kurtz Geiger) if you're interested?

    Thanks for becoming a member xx

  5. I was all excited when I seen it in Elle and obviously ... I bought it. The mascara isn't anything special but does the job if you want just quick and natural look. When I tried more dramatic look it came out as very dramatic spider legs on my eyes :) I agree with Tereza, not worth more than £5.

  6. I like Hypnose drame, this I haven´t try, but I must tell you have a nice eye liner:)

  7. Definitely not worth more than £5 to me either ladies, thanks for you're comments xx

  8. I haven't tried any of the Soap & Glory cosmetics but to be honest I find some of their body products rather hit and miss and they can be a bit overpriced for what they are.

  9. Mascara is definitely not worth buying, awkward to use and overall performance is rather dissapointing. Some other make up products aren't that bad though, e.g. the kick ass concealer. It's my favourite at the moment. xx


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