Wednesday 11 January 2012


Afternoon Chickaroos!

I thought I would compile a little post about Etsy - 

Etsy is the world’s handmade marketplace.  I first found out about this fanstasic website from Imogen Foxy Locks who I have been following for years!  imogen foxy locks' blog

Etsy -

They're mission is to empower people to change the way the global economy works.
We see a world in which very-very small businesses have much-much more sway in shaping the economy, local living economies are thriving everywhere, and people value authorship and provenance as much as price and convenience.
We are bringing heart to commerce and making the world more fair, more sustainable, and more fun.

They're website is fab, full of interesting girly jewellery - fab homewares and just great stuff from extremely talented people!

I copied (Sorry Imogen) and went to look at the shop for Liz Hutnick - Liz Hutnick's Etsy Shop 
I loved the hair slides Imogen posted about because my hair is currently below my shoulders and I do love to wear girly clips.  From Liz's shop I purchased this BEA- utiful birdie ring

Blue Birdie Ring
£9.09 GBP

These fantabulous Hair slides ...

Ocean Beach Bobby Pins Set
£10.39 GBP

And lastly I bought the ring...

Lilac Tea Rose Ring with Gunmetal Gray Plated Filigree - FREE shipping
£7.14 GBP

Liz packaged them up so beautifully and provided me with a 10% discount which unfortunately I haven't used yet.

I just love her jewellery, that Bird ring is hand painted and Liz takes such care over packaging her jewellery up and the photos she takes of all her range.  I would highly recommend her as a shop on Etsy.

Then on a whole other wave length from Jennyvuk Jenny's Etsy Shop I purchased this absolutely cute as a button Iphone 4 case!  I love it to bits and it hasn't left my phone since I bought it 4 months ago!

Deco Bling iPhone 4 Case

The case was £15.90 GBP and I asked her to replace the eyes with something Hello Kitty or sparkly and she did!

I really like the range of products on the Etsy website and would definately recommend the shop to everyone.

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes



(Images taken from the Etsy website)




  1. Awww that ring (and everything) looks so lovely and cute! The ring reminds me of Snowwhite fairytale!:) xx

  2. Yeah I know.. you definately have to check Etsy out matey moo. xx

  3. Wow the phone cover looks beautiful!!!! I love it!! xx

  4. Laura pleased you liked the case. I love it because no one else has it! Please follow my blog & I'll follow yours! xx

  5. I love etsy! So unique and creative :)


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