Monday 12 August 2019

Skinny Tan - New In

Wow! What a whirlwind 5 months it's been since I last visited my little part of the internet!

So much to catch you guys up on, but I think I will film a YouTube video to explain all.. In the meantime, my favs at Skinny Tan got in touch to let me know about their new in tanning products for the face and asked if I would like to review them for you lovely lot!

Skinny Tan - New In -

There's 5 incredible products to talk to you about, so let's dive right in...

First up, let's talk innovation; not one to be left out when it comes to the creation of innovative fake tanning products - Skinny Tan go above and beyond!

Looking for a semi-permanent contour serum? They have it covered.  Like to tan whilst your asleep?  Then the 2 in 1 overnight tan and hydrate mask is for you.

Let's go through each products one by one. 

Here's my favourite out of the whole bunch - the Skinny Tan Face 2in1 Overnight Tan and Hydrate Mask 'Here' for £19.99 part of a two piece set!

What's so good about it?

It has a Menthol cooling effect on the skin, You develop a healthy "just been for a quick sunshine weekend away" vibe when you wake up in the morning after using this. 
Skinny Tan - New In -
 The packaging is airtight and has a smooth application as its a gel like consistency so your skin drinks it in.  Make sure you apply it to your hairline and ears for a all over glow.
Skinny Tan - New In -
 It's made in the UK (as are all Skinny Tan products!) and a little of this gem product goes a very long way.
Skinny Tan - New In -
Next Up we have the Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum for £14.99 'Here' as part of a two piece set.
Skinny Tan - New In -
 Containing Aloe Vera and Guarana it really adds a gorgeous sun kissed shimmer to your legs, face and arms.  And I cannot wait to use this baby on holiday!
Skinny Tan - New In -
Another totally innovative product is the Skinny Tan Semi-permanent Contour Serum in Medium.  
Skinny Tan - New In -
 I have no price for you as this product is currently in high demand on the Skinny Tan website, but you can view how to apply the serum 'Here'
Skinny Tan - New In -
 I must confess the colour that I was sent was a tad too dark for me right now, but I will be trying this out when I book my holiday in the next few weeks, and it's the only product out of all 5 which I haven't used yet for this review. 
Skinny Tan - New In -
Two more products to finish off this epic haul of fake tanning goodness; and a Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser with SPF 6 in the shade medium above.  Currently sold out 'Here' this little tanning beauty offers a gradual tan with daily use, whilst hydrating the skin and protecting from the sun.
Again, this product is slightly too dark for me to use right now, but in a few weeks time it will be used daily.

Along with the Skinny Tan Moisturising Tanning Drops which provide you with your control over the level of tan you want to have.  1-3 drops is all you need, and to be honest I even used the drops on my legs when out recently and they gave me a subtle glow.

Unfortunately it seems the drops are out of stock online, but check back in a few days and I'm sure they'll have more stock available 'Here'

So has anything mentioned above caught your eye?

(Thanks to Skinny Tan for sending me the range to review)

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