Monday 18 February 2019

Destressing - Podcasts and Magazines

Hey friends.  
I thought I would talk to you about ways I have been trying to relax in the past month or so.
As you probably already know, I'm going through a period of stress in my life - everything is so uncertain at the moment.  To keep myself sane and not dwell on things that I can't control, one of my best friends recommended to me in 2018 Podcasts.

Now, bare in mind that I have the attention span of a gnat!  I'm not one to listen to endless albums on Apple Music, but I can take 45 minutes out of my day to clean my kitchen, sort out a cupboard and generally zone out for a little while.
Generally Podcasts only last a short amount of time, being a newbie I had no idea the effect they would have on me!
I downloaded the free Castbox App, and through recommendations I downloaded Oprah's Master Class series, The Emma Guns Show and Fearne Cotton's Happy Place.  Armed with these as my starting point I started to listen to them from my phone whenever I need to escape.
 My absolute favorite is Oprah's Master Class Podcast, full of interviews with celebrities where she doesn't interrupt the guest, she simply leaves them to tell you their life stories.  Oprah's own life story is horrendous but one that means I love her even more.  Her voice soothes me, the stories on the Podcast are inspirational.  I could listen to them endlessly!

What's on my phone -
 Happy Place with Fearne Cotton is wonderful and truly a Happy Place to be for under an hour, Table Manners with Jessie Ware and her mum is hilarious, Mind Love helps you with Mindfulness and thinking differently about things.
Alongside the Podcasts on the free Castbox App, I really enjoy Home Style Magazine for inspirational interior design and home decor ideas.  I love the way the magazine is laid out, the imagery and how relaxing reading this magazine makes me.

Alongside the Podcasts and the Magazine I take myself for a long walk, get into nature without having your phone on and just 'be' without any distractions and it really helps me to calm my mind and recenter myself.
What are your tips for relaxing?  Do you have any Podcast favourites to share?

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