Tuesday 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year to you all!
I must apologise for being on the missing list with my blog in 2018.
So let's catch up properly...
 2018 taught me many things - how resilient I am, what career I should be in, and who means the most to me.

If you didn't know I battled with health issues big and small in 2018 - Sinusitis and a Chest Infection that lasted 6 weeks, and then severe Sciatica and numbness down my whole left side, I was rushed to hospital by ambulance in severe pain, and they hooked me up to an ECG machine as they thought I had had a stroke.

It turned out that I have an odd shaped neck, which means pressure builds up down my left side and causes headaches, numbness, shoulder issues and sciatica.  This might not seem severe as some other people have more serious health issues than me, but it has made me rethink my career and my life in general.  I had weeks off of work and physio and I now have an exercise bike to use, and exercises to do everyday to stop my neck and shoulder seizing up.

I did manage to go to Rome in August, and despite still not being right health wise, I enjoyed every second - I don't look myself in the photos though, blame all the medication I was on; but I will go back there and see more of beautiful Rome.

I was seeing a guy for 11 months who I liked a lot but he didn't want anything serious and I really hoped he would change his mind, then towards the last few months of 2018 we stopped talking because he ghosted me, and now he has a girlfriend which has made me think there was something wrong with me the whole time!

To top the year off, once I was feeling better about my neck; I then lost the job that I loved and was made redundant.  This was awful for me, totally unexpected and horrific at the time to go through.

The chest infection that pursued me was my bodies way of saying it had had enough and I just had to listen!

I managed through lots of interviews to find another job, and I started that new role in December, it's been tough.  I took a month off to find myself and allow myself to rest and re-evaluate and now I'm starting the New Year thinking I need a total overhaul in my life.

So here's what's on my action list for 2019 - I need this year to be kinder to me!! 

🙏I can't buy my dream home because of starting a new job, so that's gone on the back burner for now, but IT WILL HAPPEN and I am ready for it.

🙏I need to find what I want to do everyday - what makes me happy in my career?  Would blogging full time be the dream? Because I really think if I put my heart and soul into this little place of the internet I can really find the career I have always wanted!

🙏I want to go on more Holidays - Santorini is the top of my list, I'd also like to go back to Paris, and back to Italy

🙏I'm going to try internet dating again - everyone loves a trier!

🙏I want to buy a puppy - this is something which is top of my list because I miss having a dog in my life.

🙏I want to read more books, got to bed earlier, and have more baths / massages / and facials

🙏And lastly, I need to look for the positives in every situation!  I might not be completely happy right now, but I know it's up to me to make the changes that I need to make me happy. 

So there's my aims for this year.

And never forget this =

What are your aims for 2019?

What other content would you like to see from me in 2019?
Lots of love and positive vibes for a happy 2019 for us all! xx

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