Monday 30 April 2018

ASOS and Klarna

I absolutely love ASOS!  

I have been following ‘As seen on screen’ since they launched their website in 1999.

It’s a one stop shop for all kinds of brands, and I am thankful that this mecca for fashion is going from strength to strength

I don’t usually rave about a website much unless I adore it, and this is why I just had to write about ASOS and their new partner Klarna.  
ASOS and Klarna -

Klarna offers you the chance to pay for items 14, or 30 days after ordering them.  Free returns through ASOS mean that you only pay for the items that you keep.

For someone who is very top heavy (I have boobs!!) this means that I can purchase quite a few items in various sizes and styles, have them delivered to my home for free but not pay with any cash upfront.  

I am trying to stick to a budget to save for a house – so this means I have a 30 day break between payments.  

Klarna is so easy – they will give you a credit limit, and then when you opt to pay with Klarna in the checkout on ASOS it will give you the option to send a reminder to your calendar when your Klarna invoice for your purchases is due.  

Then I simply log into Klarna at the end of the month and pay off whatever is left over.
ASOS and Klarna -

 Here's some of my picks from ASOS - 

I’m not saying you should get into debt using Klarna, but if you have a special holiday or event coming up – and you don’t know what size you take, you can order a ton of products and take your time matching them up with existing items in your wardrobe.  
Once you’ve made the yes and no pile; you send back what you want.. simples!!

I recently bought a ton of items in the ASOS sale using Klarna, including these lust worthy Nike Lavender Velvet trainers which I have wanted for ages!!  I am sooo scared to wear them with our Summer being so unpredictable so they are staying warm and clean in their little box :-) Unfortunately they are sold out, but I have found alternatives above.

So have you heard of Klarna before??  They have also partnered with other brands which you can find ‘Here’ from  JD sports to Wallis and Topman. 

So what do you think of ASOS and Klarna?

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