Monday 22 January 2018

A Belated Happy New Year!

A very happy (rather belated New Year) from me! 
Sorry I haven't been around much in 2017, working full time, being ill and not wanting to spend so much time on the computer will do that to you.
I don't make New Years resolutions, instead I make aims / or goals for the year ahead - and here are mine... plus a little catch up really.

So how's the start of this New Year been for you?

I must say it's not gotten off to the best start for me!  I had a severe sinus infection, which meant a week off of work at the start of the month.

A very close family member has had a stroke, so I am beyond concerned about them.

And, I was hoping to be able to put my car accident to bed after 4 years.. but it's STILL ongoing!!

I hope the rest of 2018 is kind to me because so far things are crapola.

But, I still very much enjoy my job, I have my two Cat husbands that are well and happy, and I have my friends.

So what do I want to achieve this year??

My Home - So far I have re-arranged my lounge this month.  I bought a new TV stand from Shpock (see my Instagram for more pics!) and I have plans to re-do my gallery wall with some amazing prints from Desenio!  If you didn't know, I work for a Swedish brand, and anything that represents the country is a big thing for me.

Next on my list is re-arranging my bedroom.  I want it so that my current bedside tables are a vocal point, and I have my eye on these gorgeous Marble table lamps from either Wilkinson or The Range  What do you think??

1.) Copper and Marble table lamp from The Range £9.99 currently out of stock :-( 'Here'

2.) Marble lamp with grey shade from Wilkinson £25.00 'Here'

Buying My First Home - For four years I have waited for the chance to buy my own home, and hopefully this year this dream will become a reality! I'm not sure which area I am looking for; or how far away from Surrey I want to go. But owning my own home before I hit 40 is definitely the most important thing for me this year. 

Being Debt Free - I live by myself, I have a shit tone of outgoings like the next person - so to be debt free this year is also top of my wish list before buying my own home.  Alongside this, is improving my credit rating!  I have just signed up with Clear Score and checked my credit rating on there and it's better than I thought it was! 💗💗 Plus it was free using the Clear Score app.

See my Brother More Often - If you didn't know my family set up would cause anyone a migraine!! I hadn't seen my gorgeous brother for 11 years, and in 2017 I found him on Facebook and in June time I traveled to see him for the first time in all those years!  It was definitely emotional, and Christmas 2017 I got to spend it with him and his family and it has been THE BEST Christmas I have had in all of those years!

My aim for 2018 is to see him and his family more.  Not to leave it so long until I see his gorgeous face again!  He makes me feel more loved than I have ever felt for a very long time.  And no money in the world could ever change the bond that we have.  I am so happy to have him in my life again!

Go onto a Paid Dating Site and Stop Meeting Douche Bags! - I have met some total pricks in 2017.  Some worse than others, and I think the main issue is the free dating apps.  There is too much choice for guys on there.  They are liars, cheats or only after one thing!  I think the only way I am going to meet anyone decent is if I go onto a paid dating site like Match or E harmony.  I'm not getting any younger, and I really want a family of my own! 

Go on holiday! - I haven't been away for bloody ages!  I REALLY need a break.  Rome, Iceland, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris - I want to visit as many of them as I can in 2018.

Invest More Time In my Blog and Things that I love - I have missed you all, and I am sorry that I have not blogged since November, but when you spend everyday on the computer, my blog has been the last thing on my mind.  

What would you like to see from me moving forward??

Do you miss my YouTube videos?

I plan to get my blog redesigned by Pipdig this year, I want to put more fashion photos on here, with clickable shop links for everything I write about.

I also want to exercise more, and eat more protein.  I don't think I get enough nutrients in my body.  My Fit Bit is definitely helping me to track my steps and exercise. 

Thanks for all your support in 2017 guys!

What are your plans for this year?
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