Monday 27 March 2017

Imperial Candles

I LOVE candles.. I have a slight obsession with them, and nail polish.  
Most people who know me well, know this fact.  I get "the look" from my friends everytime I step into IKEA - and they all say "you don't need any more candles!!" and yes, they are right but, I do not care!!
I have never heard of a candle giving you something back before - who wouldn't want to burn a beautiful glass jar, scented with pure soy wax that offers you a beautiful item of jewellery hidden inside your candle?!
That's where Imperial Candles are in a total candle (and bath bomb) league of their own!!

Every Imperial Candle, and Imperial Bath Bomb contains a piece of jewellery worth up to £2000.  You simply burn the two wick candle until you see a small foil parcel.. but more on this later!
The Imperial Candle is massive!  It's a two wick candle like I mentioned before - it comes in a beautiful sturdy glass jar with a lid.
And it's beautifully packaged with a sort of old apothecary look about it.
Being a British brand means it's extra special - as I love to help British brands.
I opted for Lemon Lime Mojito - because the alcoholic in me just loves her home to smell like a tropical holiday!

Other fragrances from Imperial Candles Classic Collection -

Wild Passionfruit
English Pear and Vanilla
Peony Pomegranate
Green Tea and Lemon

There's such a wide range within the Classic Collection I couldn't list them all, but all these two wick candles are £29.99 and can be found 'Here'
The Classic Lemon Lime Mojito looks so stylish when lit - I have had endless questions from my friends when they have come over and smelt the delicious fragrance.
When you tell people that not only can you reuse the jar after you have burnt the candle - you can also find a hidden piece of jewellery inside it - all my friends are blown away!!

So.. How does it work??

After A LOT of patience, and around a week of use every evening, a little red foil packet peeked up through the Soy wax!!!!
I tried (in vain) to get the foil parcel out without making a mess - but in true Claire style I failed with sheer excitement and got wax all over my pj's.
Carefully prizing the foil out of the candle (make sure you blow the candle out first before you do this part DOH!)
By opening up the foil parcel, you'll find a little plastic popper bag - inside it was this stunning Sterling Silver Ring worth RRP £20.00
I was simply overjoyed when my little gift turned out to be a beautiful ring, that fitted me perfectly and looked so very stylish!
I adore the concept of Imperial Candles.  

They make such a wonderful unique gift!
It makes you want to burn the candle to retrieve your gorgeous piece of jewellery.  What's more because the candles are so well made - the scent lingers in my home for hours afterwards - so you really do get a quality candle from Imperial Candles and an exquisite piece of jewellery to boot!
With the Classic Imperial Candles - you can specify ring size to customize your order.  
With the Bath Bombs you simply receive a lucky dip item of jewellery.

Classic Collection: You have the option to select either a necklace, earrings, or preferred ring size. The candles are 21 oz., approximate burn time of 120 hours, and come in luxurious glass jars with a lid.

Deluxe Collection: You have the option to select either a necklace, earrings, or preferred ring size. The candles are 10 oz., approximate burn time of 70 hours, and come in a luxurious tube with a metallic lid.

So what do you think of the Imperial Candles concept?  Do you like the idea of a quality item of jewellery being hidden within a beautiful candle that scents your home with fragrance?

I for one LOVE this brand!

For more information about Imperial Candles, check them out on social media - 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

(candle sent to me for review purposes)
You can also find me here

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  1. Oooh I love the fact that you get to tell them your ring size - it makes it so much more personalised (and practical!). I love the sound of the pomegranate scented one too

    Steph -


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