Friday 30 December 2016

Happy New Year!!

The year that was 2016... what a year it's been for me!
I thought I would wish you all a Happy New Year early, and tell you what my goals are for 2017..

2016 started off as a rather weird one for me - being made redundant from a job that I had been in for over 4 years - it was a choice that I made myself.  
The role that I was redeployed too just wasn't the direction that I wanted to go in career wise, so I made the decision to leave.  A tough one without having a new job to go into - but I'm so pleased I did it!

I took my redundancy money, and decided to purchase a Dyson V6 as a redundancy gift to myself!  Only ME would purchase a hoover as a gift!! 

Then the struggles started - about 13 interviews later, and still no job - being told that I had to move from where I was living by May 2016 - my dearest Siamese Cat being seriously ill and having to be away from him whilst the vets treated his stomach infection 😠😠it was tough, the redundancy money I was living off of.  It was paying my bills and the money was enabling me to not work - but I couldn't enjoy not working, I wanted to get a job, have an income and move out.

I hit my lowest point when I had to have injections in my shoulder following  a car accident that I had over two years ago - I was in pain, was jobless and all the recruitment agencies and applications that I did, didn't get me anywhere.

Then, a miracle happened, I got an interview, then a second one, and then a job offer! It enabled me to find a new place to live, move out and then start my new job 😎 It was all that I needed, the fact that a company wanted ME, I wasn't worthless - I could do it.

But... this new company wasn't for me - the job wasn't what I interviewed for, I was miserable and depressed.  So mutually agreed to finish my contract, after only two months I left - totally scared of how I was going to afford to live, and afford my new home.  

They say everything happens for a reason, and my god this was a blessing in disguise!  After a few days I had an interview for the company I am in now - I couldn't be more excited - its for a brand that I LOVE - and I got the job!!! I have now been there since June, 7 months have flown by, and I have the BEST boss, and I adore the role, my colleagues and I finally feel like I fit somewhere!

I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position I am - and feel so happy everyday.  
If I could tell anyone going through the same as me - please don't give up!! You CAN DO IT - You CAN get what you want.

For 2017, my goals are simple...

I just want to find love, meet someone special and have my own little family.  

Travel more - visit Rome, go back to Paris - save up and go to Santorini

Maybe buy a puppy - I have been saying this for years, but I miss having a dog and I love walking, so this would be a win win for me health wise too.

Lastly, to pay off my credit card - I don't owe too much, but I want to get rid of the monthly payments, which would free up some cash for holidays and treats for me,and my two Cat husbands.

Simple requests for 2017 - I'm hopefully that 2017 will be a good year, it has the number 7 in it - which is my lucky number!!

What are your goals for 2017?  How has 2016 treated you?

Thanks for all your support this year, for being my friends - I love having you all around!

Lots of love, and Happy New Year!



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  1. SO happy that you finally found your way! I am in a similar predicament now. I have found temporary work that finishes at the end of Jan, so I am on the job hunt and am struggling to find work I actually want. I have started applying but am so worried I won't get anywhere. Thank you for writing this - I too hope I will have some good job news in 2017! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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