Sunday 3 July 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box

I love subscription boxes and I regularly review My Little Box over on my YouTube Channel.
When the team at My Purrfect Gift Box got in touch, offering me the chance to review one of their themed boxes for the cat lover among us - how could I say no?

Things you might find in a box include home decor, fashion accessories, jewellry, stationery, artwork, t-shirts, mugs and so many more things...but most things you won't be able to find on the high street. Gifts for kitty can include treats, all natural food products, fashion accessories and of course fun toys - AND they get the box too once you have lovingly unwrapped each of your gifts!

 Not knowing what to expect from My Purrfect Gift Box, when the box arrived it was huge!
The team offer a box to suit every budget from -

My Purrfect Gift Box STANDARD - Receive 3 - 5 Gifts Per Month Prices starting at only £20.95
My Purrfect Gift Box LITE - Receive 2 -3 Gifts Per Month Prices starting at only £15.95
My Purrfect Gift Box STANDARD + Gifts for Kitty - The STANDARD + Gifts for Kitty Prices starting at only £27.95

The box that I received were gifts for me and my kitties.. full to the brim of beautiful items!
The necklace above is the cutest little thing.
 Cat treats, and a cool 'Spring into Style' card
 A handmade cat collar, gorgeous chocolate, a applique purse, and a cute furry blanket for your cat friend.
 Also contained in the box were some handmade buttons, and a stunning scarf that's dove grey with rose gold cats all over it! LOVE!

This is such a beautiful box - I hope to see My Purrfect Gift Box go from strength to strength.
Sorry that this video is late, with my new job and my crap internet at home - I just don't have the time lately - so very sorry!  
Please tell my WHY a video takes 6 hours to upload? RUBBISH!

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