Sunday 3 April 2016

Currently Lusting After - Urban Outfitters

I love Interior Design, it was a subject that I wanted to study at University - but one that fate would have it, meant that my decision ended up going towards Marketing and Communications instead.

I follow soooo many Interior Design bloggers and, because I'm moving at the end of April into my first ever house with my two fur babies - I am always looking for inspiration.
I have never purchased anything from Urban Outfitters homeware before, but know that tons of you have!  So here's my first ever currently lusting after 'interiors themed' post.  

If you like this sort of thing, let me know in the comments below, as I have tons of other things on my wishlist from M&S and BHS too!

Urban Outfitters homeware always strikes me as the middle sibling of Not On The High Street and Etsy - rolled into one accessible place.
1.) This blue chevron print rug is totally me!  I love the mixture of blue tones and for £40.00 it's not a bad price either 'Here'

2.) Who else loves mirrors as much as me?  This gorgeous sun mirror will look great throughout the house for £19.00 'Here'

3.) Hello you lovely people!! This cute doormat is just what you want to see when visiting someone's home and for £24.00 'Here' I don't think it'll break the bank either.

4.) Gold and black metal always looks so classy, no matter where it's placed throughout your home.  This gorgeous gold planter on legs will look fab in my lounge with one of the many orchids that I currently have (and not killed!) and all for £15.00 'Here'

5.) Prints are everywhere at the moment, in every interiors magazine that I pick up.  
They enable you to make a space feel more personalised, and look fab in the background of YouTube videos!  Plus you can remove the print inside whenever the mood takes you and simply change up the look.  This 'I Like nice things' print is so me!  This saying is something I have always brought up when I'm broke and eating baked beans for weeks!  This print is £25.00 'Here'

6.) Who loves loose tea?! I certainly do, and I intend to have a cupboard dedicated simply to tea when I move house.  I especially like the idea of loose tea, but I don't want to have a whole teapot full just for me.  This sloth tea diffuser is beyond cute!! The little guy clasps himself to you mug, whilst infusing your loose tea - perfection!  You can pick this guy up for £10.00 'Here'

7.) Who doesn't love turquoise?  This Turquoise Brimfield Bookcase can house multitude of nick knacks and also look stylish.  This beauty can be yours for £80.00 'Here'

8.) This Mini Plant Greenhouse Terrarium will look adorable filled with cacti or succulents in my new home.  Who doesn't love dinky plants?! You can pick up this copper beauty for £30.00 'Here'

9.) Another print from Seventy Tree this Dotty Hearts Print looks so cute.  For £25.00 'Here'

10.) And finally, it wouldn't be any sort of post from me without a Cat being involved somewhere!
This Seventy Tree Cat Bandit Print has my name written all over it for £25.00 'Here'

So there you have it, my top picks this month from Urban Outfitters.  

Anything caught your eye?
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  1. Ahh I shouldn't have clicked onto this haha I'm such a sucker for homewear and there's some gorgeous pieces here! I think I may just have to buy the loose tea sloth!

    Hana | ♥

    1. Who doesn't need a loose leaf tea Sloth in their lives?! Thanks for commenting honey xx


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