Monday 7 March 2016

DHC Beauty Lift

New from cult Japanese beauty brand DHC is the Beauty Lift Range, a 4 piece skincare line to help with dryness, elasticity and expression lines.
A range of calming anti-ageing products that are lightweight and refreshing.
Having just hit the big 35 - I certainly do not feel my age, but I am hoping by looking after my skin - I can keep the first signs of ageing at bay!
The first thing that really catches my eye about the DHC Beauty Lift products are the packaging, beautiful and minimalist and pink! What more could you need?

I was lucky enough to be sent all 4 of the products from the innovative Beauty Lift range -
Beauty Lift Lotion £34.00 : a soothing and hydrating toner
Beauty Lift Essence £35.00 : a silky-soft serum to hydrate, and fight fine lines
Beauty Lift Milk £34.00 : a lightweight, milky-textured barrier-supporting moisturiser
Beauty Lift Cream £41.00 : a rich, intensive moisturising cream perfect for overnight use

The new DHC Beauty Lift skincare range took 3 years to develop, so a lot of love and care has been taken to provide products that really make a difference.

Let's go through each of the products, and my first thoughts in my first two weeks of use.
The Beauty Lift Cream 50g for £41.00 (on the right above) is a luxurious cream that offers lifted-looking skin, which intensely moisturises.
I adore cream products at night - as you probably know my skin is extremely stressed at the moment and needs all the help it can get!

This gorgeously rich cream sinks into my dry skin, minimises the look of my fine lines and deeply nourishes due to the oat kernel extract and peptides.

I think with continued use of this cream my skin will feel less stressed and more moisturised - the scent is very slight, but one that relaxes me.

In a clinical study, 100% of participants experienced smoother skin in just 7 days.
 Next we have the Beauty Lift Essence ( pictured below) 50ml for £35.00 
 A product that can be used after cleansing and toning, and before using the Beauty Lift Cream - this highly nourishing light gel simply sinks into my skin and prepares it for the nourishing cream to be applied.
I really like the pump dispenser on this product - one pump ensures enough product to smooth all over your face and neck.
 Two more great products are up next - the Beauty Lift Lotion and the Beauty Lift Milk.
 The Beauty Lift Milk 100ml for £34.00 is heavenly!  A milky - gel like texture that really works well as a day moisturiser and primer for makeup.
Key ingredients include pentapeptide-18, mevalonolactone and oat kernel extract which combine for an ultra-hydrating moisturiser.
My skin loves the lightweight texture of this milk.
 Last but by no means least Beauty Lift Lotion 145ml for £34.00
The Beauty Lift Lotion is soothing and hydrating toner to reduce the look of fine lines and prep the skin for moisture.  
Oat kernel extract provides vital moisture while mevalonolactone ensures the hydration is held in the skin. Ceramide-3 is included to promote barrier strength and pentapeptide-18 improves elasticity and helps minimise expression lines

 Such a calming and relaxing toner, in fact all of the products in the DHC Beauty Lift range offer a calming and a 'conditioned skin' feeling to the skin.

All 4 products from the DHC Beauty Lift range are available 'Here'

All DHC skincare products are fragrance-free, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

So there you have it - a great toner, serum, day moisturiser and night time moisturiser from this new range.
All you need to do is add a DHC cleanser to the mix (of which there are 12 to chose from), and you have an anti ageing kit ready to go!

Have you tried anything from DHC before?

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  1. I never tried anything of DHC before. They sound amazing. I'm searching for a moisturiser and I'm definitely going to check out this one. Thank you for sharing. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Thanks Antonia for the lovely comment! You should definitely try DHC xx


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