Thursday 17 December 2015

The Libbie Club December 2015

The Libbie Club is back for December, to get you party ready!
This months box is full of essential items to get you in the festive mood.
Containing the first ever product from Vita Liberata that's hit my desk, with the most amazing Kabuki brush to match!
There truly is something for everyone with this months box. 
So how does it work?  I review and show you what's in the box, then share my offers with you on the items, and if you make a purchase I then receive the January box.  
It's win win all round, but we need to work together to reap the rewards.  
So Let's check out this months offers....
First up let's discuss the phenomenon in tanning that is Vita Liberata.  A brand which I have heard tons about in the glossy magazines.

In this month's box we have the Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals.  
They contain Trystal3™ Technology that combines an instant pure mineral bronze colour with long lasting self-tan results for a beautiful, natural-looking medium tan that lasts for up to 5 days. 

The innovative formula is a world-first self-tanning bronzer. Oil-free with micronized crystals for sheer, lightweight bronzing coverage and added DHA for a lasting tan result, this unique bronzing powder will leave you with soft, smooth, healthy looking skin.

I am desperate to try this mineral marvel!  The brush is beyond soft and I can imagine that you get a really easy contouring effect when using this brush.

Currently you can get Buy One Get One Free on the Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals for £18.00 this is a total bargain, especially in the 'one for you, one for me' gift giving! 
You can buy this innovative product by clicking 'Here'

Next up, a product again that I've heard tons about in the beauty press - Little Ondine.  
A peel off nail polish that has natural ingredients, odour free, and dries fast.  
Meaning, that if you are a total nail polish junkie like me, you simply peel off your polish and start again!

The shade I was sent is a deep Christmassy red.  I was dubious on how the polish would turn out once applied.  But I didn't have to worry; the colour went on really opaque and two coats were more than enough.  Then when it came to peel off, that too was extremely simple!
The instructions are clear and simple to use.
I'm really impressed with Little Ondine.
What an innovative product that saves time, but still looks incredibly stylish.

You can pick up the Little Ondine Winter Wonderland glitter polishes set - FREE Nail Varnish for £29.95 'Here'
The Winter Wonderland Collection brings together three festive glitter polishes in a limited edition set. Packaged in biodegradable plastic with a snowflake and reindeer inspired white "lace" design Winter Wonderland is an ideal gift!
Lastly in this amazing box is a serum from the brand FIT.
A moisturising super serum that although light in texture, offers instant hydration.  Utilising OXY-FIT-10 technology it recharges & stimulates the skin's natural repair mechanisms.

Now this product is supposed to be for the man in your life... but seeing as I don't have one, then I used it on myself!
I have used this little marvel whilst being ill recently, and it really did help to rehydrate my poor dehydrated, and flaky skin.
The packaging is stylish and a pleasure to use.  What's more the FIT brand is made in the UK.
I'm keen to try more from this fabulous skincare brand - for men or not, I don't care!
You can purchase a 30ml size of this little pump marvel for £40.00 'Here'

All my offers on my Libbie Club Page are available for the next few weeks only, so make sure you get your orders in quickly to ensure that they arrive in time for Christmas.

You can find out more about the Libbie Club 'Here'  
What do you think of this month's offers?  Will you be buying anything?

You can also find me here

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