Sunday 18 October 2015

August and September 2015 Monthly Favourites

I love checking out other people's monthly favourites videos.  
After a while though, I always feel that everyone is talking about the same things, so instead I combine two months worth of favourites into one video!
This way I have more content to share with you, and it makes the video more enjoyable to watch 
(I hope!!)
Let's delve into August and September's favourites, but before we do; don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel 'Here' for regular content once a week! (it would mean the world!)
For these two months I just couldn't get enough of Haircare and Foundations...

Links to all the products and blog posts mentioned are below, in the order as shown - 

My amazing friend Nital's Blog 'Suranghi  Style
And My By Terry Light Expert Review - 'Here
And My By Terry Mascara Review - 'Here
My Review of the Antipodes Range - 'Here

Anything caught your eye from my two months worth of favourites?
What's your favourite item?
Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel 'Here'

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