Sunday 27 September 2015

Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone

A few weeks back I was contacted by the team at Lumia Voices, asking whether I'd be interested in trialling the new Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone.  How could I say no?  
This phone is the latest from the Lumia range too.
Being a HUGE tech geek, and knowing that my current mobile contract was coming to an end, and an upgrade was due imminently - this gave me that chance to put the windows phone to the test!
The Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone arrived in secure packaging, and upon opening the box I instantly fell in love with the Neon Orange case.
The Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone is so much lighter than my current mobile - the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
The main difference between both phones is the fact that the windows phone doesn't have a menu button, everything is touch screen!  A totally new concept for me.
The best part of this Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone is definitely the camera.  An 8MP camera which has huge clarity.  I've tried to take a mixture of photos - from landscapes, to a video, to make -up close ups to illustrate this for you.
Here's a view of Richmond park from Pembroke Lodge.  On an extremely clear day you can see for miles.  The camera picked up the clarity of the view with no alteration of the settings on the camera at all.
Here's a little video of the ducks that I feed at work, even zooming in the camera picks up everything.  Including the duck nearly choking on the bread!!
This video appears blurry when uploaded to YouTube - not sure why.  But upon viewing it in real life the clarity of the video is much better!
The eye designer palette from By Terry above came out extremely well using the Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone.  I feel like you could actually touch the palette the clarity of the image is so good.
Even the Roses at the By Terry event turned out to be one of my favourite images from the whole event.
Lastly one of my favourite (all be it grumpy!) images of my cat Hagrid.  To try and get so close up to one of my furr babies like this takes some effort; but with the Microsoft Lumia 640 Windows Phone you can see everything so clearly - just look at that little pink nose!!
All in all the camera on the Microsoft Lumia 640 Phone sells it to me.  
I did miss the menu button, and it took me a while to understand how to use the phone properly.  But for £129.99 sim free this phone offers a 8MP camera, 8GB mass memory with the option of adding an additional Micro SD card to the device to bump up the storage.  
Cortana I already have on my laptop at home, so having this functionality on my mobile proved invaluable.  

If your looking for a new phone, that won't break the bank - offers an incredible camera and memory function; then the Microsoft Lumia 640 is a winner!

You can find all the other Lumia models ranging in price from the Microsoft Lumia XL at £184.98 sim free, to the Microsoft Lumia 640 at £129.99.

Have you tried a Microsoft Lumia Windows Mobile before?
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  1. Great!
    Good to hear you're enjoying your new phone - love the photo quality.

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    1. It's not to keep Sarah - it went back when the trial came to an end! xx


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