Tuesday 18 August 2015

Currently Lusting After - August 2015

It's been quite a while since my last 'Currently Lusting After' post back in June 'Here'
Things have changed somewhat - my health problems are still going on, but I wasn't made redundant (hurrah!!) and instead I got redeployed (for the time being) so at least I'm keeping myself going, and learning new things!

My lusting after items never ends though - I'm ALWAYS searching out new things and making plans to buy them.  
A holiday this year would be lovely, but I've got to sort myself out and get back to being well, so who knows... a nice last minute trip before Christmas would be wonderful - watch this space.

Lot's of bargains in today's post, let's delve in... 
(P.S I'm posting this of a Tuesday? - this is a first!)
1.) First up a pair of sunglasses - worn by the beautiful Fleur De Force in her recent Vlogs - the brand Quay from Topshop 'Here' for £30.00 are currently sold out, but are just amazing!  
I've never heard of brand Quay until watching Fleur's Vlogs and this pair called 'My Girl' are right up my street.   Cat Eyed glasses with a black frame = swooooon!

2.) Oh Pineapple's will we EVER tire on their Pinterest beauty?  This Pineapple table lamp with a sable shade from Laura Ashley has been on my wish list for months.  It comes in this mini size, or in a more expensive - larger version - but I'd be happy with the mini Instagrammable size!

You can pick this beauty up in the sale now for £56.25 'Here'

3.) I adore Skagen watches - the effortless Scandi style, but I simply cannot afford one of their watches at the moment.  Until scouring ASOS recently, I came across this purse friendly option! Scandi style for a fab price of £22.00 'Here'

4.) Oh Lorac Pro - how I watch countless You Tubers rave about this highly sought after eye-shadow palette!  I am not planning a trip to the USA for some time, so when I saw my favourite American beauty stockist Rose's Beauty Store selling it, I HAVE to have it.  £49.99 'Here'

5.) I love stars, even in jewellery I think they look cute, and effortlessly stylish.  ASOS jewellery is fab, put these Pilgrim Silver Plated Star Cuff and Stud Earrings in, and your ready to go!  £9.99 'Here'

6.) Last but by no means least; Tarte.  Stocked by QVC UK (AKA the mother ship) they offer great kits for the UK audience, and this one is no exception.  Eye shadows, a blusher, mascara and a Lip Shine and more? What's not to love about this baby?  You can pick this bargain kit up for £34.00 'Here'

So there you have it, another mixed bag.  Anything caught your eye?
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  1. hope you get back to being well soon hunni,lovely lusting after list,especially like the sunglasses,if only we had a decent summer would have been nice,take care lovely xx

    1. Aww Hollie, thanks for your lovely email! Let's hope September starts to become more like Summer xx

  2. Oh my word... The pineapple!!! I lurvvvvve it :) I am also desperately listing after a Lorac pro! Need to find rich man haha xx


    1. Lucy! I'm right there with you on the sugar daddy LOL! ;-)
      Pineapple obsessive right here. xxxx thanks for commenting honey xxxx

  3. Wow i loved this post! im also obsessed with sunglasses like those, i got a pair on ebay for £3 that look pretty similar! xx

    1. You got a pair on ebay?!! Send me the link my lovely? Thanks for your lovely comment xx


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