Friday 5 June 2015

Currently Lusting After - June 2015

It's been a funny old few weeks for me, since my last 'Currently Lusting After' Post which you can view 'Here'

Being told that you're being made redundant, and then also being told you've got some other health problems is not always a great start to May.  
As the months are going on, and the thought of being jobless comes nearer as ever - I console myself with part blogging, part job applications and TRYING to stay positive!

I'm lucky that my two furry cat husbands give me tons of hugs, and my fabulous friends are there for me, but it is tough and I'm trying to stay well, and not too negative.

I've seen tons of things recently which have caught my beady eye, and I thought a nice little collage and a share - would go down well! 

1,) First up is this AMAZEBALLS Ombre trench coat from ASOS.
This coat gives me life!  Just look at it?!  Grey, ombre, long and flowing.  I'm quite aware that we are supposed to be in 'Summer' but this Vila coat has been in my ASOS basket and back out again, I
simply adore it, and I MUST have it.  You can pick it up for £50.00 'Here'

2.) Ohh Rose Gold, who ever thought that Converse would bring out an exclusive Rose Gold leather pair of my favourite shoes??  These babies are marmite for a lot of people, but I picked them up in store recently, and my friend had to prize them out of my little paw before I bought them!  I HAVE to get these too, They are just too cool!  £59.99 from Office 'Here'

3.) My Vila obsession knows no bounds with this Studded Federal Top, in a fab nude colour.  It's currently in the ASOS sale for £11.50 reduced from £34.00 but it's always going in, and coming out of stock :-( You can find this beauty 'Here'

4.) I adore ALDO shoes and their accessories.  They are a fab brand which I have loved for many years, I have a pair of their earrings from like over 10 years ago, or something silly!  I often go in store and swoon over the shoes, and recently I did just that.  These MIRENASSI espadrille shoes are stylish and comfortable for £45.00 'Here' (they also come in Khaki)

5.) Charlotte Tilbury - a name which is huge in the blogging world, but one which I have never tried before.  Mainly because none of her counters are near me.  After seeing reviews, after reviews about the EYES TO MESMERISE range I thought on payday I'd take the plunge and go for the set above in Marie Antoinette.  A antique oyster gold hue, with a matching mascara and eyeliner!  I cannot wait to try this range.  This set is £57.00 'Here'
You can view the delights of the Marie Antoinette shade in the video below *swoon*

6.) Last but by no means least, is the most hilarious makeup bag I've ever seen! 
"I blog WTF do you do?" has my name written ALL over it!  I saw this baby on Bloglovin' and By Now Blog Laters feed 'Here' She has the coolest blog, and I have to buy this make up bag.  
You can pick it up from for £9.00 'Here'

So there's my hand picked list of things that are currently on my shopping list.  Do you have any Charlotte Tilbury recommendations?

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  1. Those rose gold converse are soon dreamy! I am in love...

    Samantha xo

    1. Samantha, I want them too! One day they'll be mine xx

  2. Oh my word! That trench is a stunner... Fab picks hun... Charlotte Tilbury all the way! Xx

    Lucy x

  3. I really love your picks - the Charlotte Tilbury set is to die for, and rose gold converse? Be still my beating heart. I'm sorry to read that you are experiencing a few troubles at the moment. I got made redundant two years ago and it honestly turned out to be for the best - things turned out really well, although I couldn't have known it at the time. You just never know what's around the corner. Good luck xx

    Sarah |


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