Tuesday 14 April 2015

Leighton Denny Expert Nails - An Essential Part Of My At Home Manicure

I adore everything nails.
My collection of nail lacquers is forever growing and I've had to completely re-think my nail polish storage, simply because there was no real place for anything!
I'm always looking to ‘up’ my nail polish game, and when I purchased a kit from Leighton Denny and QVC I had high hopes.

Two products in particular stood out to me, these being the Crystal Clear Top Coat and the Nail Polish Remover.
I have owned the Crystal Clear Nail File for over 3 years so I was well informed of the Leighton Denny range and its performance, just going on the crystal nail file itself.
So what else has caught my eye about the Leighton Denny range?

The packaging is sophisticated and classy.  The nail lacquers look beautiful on any bed side cabinet, with their clear plastic lids and glass bottles.
Leighton Denny started back in 2005 and from those beginnings creating many nail salons and proving incredibly popular with a large celebrity clientele - it was showcasing his product range on QVC which proved invaluable to the brand and it’s where I confess I first noticed his range of nail lacquers and treatments.

I picked up the nail polish remover and the crystal hard, crystal clear top coat in a kit from QVC which is unfortunately now sold out.  I will link everything else for you in this post, just incase you'd like to make a purchase from the range.
The above is known in the Leighton Denny range as the Rolls Royce of nail files.
Made from the finest lead crystal, the crystal nail files will last you a lifetime.  It even comes with a guarantee to prove the fact.  The crystal nail files are multi award winning too, and are always winning awards such as the Instyle Best Beauty Buy, for example.

What's so amazing about this file, is that it turns the nails to dust.  It makes filing fast and easy, and your nails are in better condition for using it.

As I said in the intro, I have had my crystal nail file for over 3 years now, and although the packaging has seen better days, the file itself is in perfect condition.  You can purchase your own Crystal Nail File Duo for £25.08 from QVC 'Here'
They make incredible gifts that once you have one in your collection, you cannot be without it.
Next up is this incredibly easy to use nail polish remover from Leighton Denny. No cotton pads required, with an innovative blend of ingredients that will keep nails in top condition.

This is the best quick polish remover I have ever tried.  I have tried others from Nails Inc, Primark etc but nothing removes polish as quickly as this Leighton Denny version!
One swipe of your finger inside the magical pot above means that ALL your polish is removed, without a trace of colour being left over, or any drying to your nails in the process.
You can pick up the Leighton Denny Remove and Go Polish Remover for £22.50 'Here'
Last, but by no means least is the Crystal hard, crystal clear top coat above.

"All nail colours can be protected and kept true to their shade with the super wet look topcoat. Crystal Finish really does dry fast and helps keep colour looking good for longer"

I am ALWAYS looking for a top coat that will make my polish last longer than a few days.
Seche Vite did work, but I found it too gloopy and I would be endlessly buying more, and wasting my money.
 This Leighton Denny Clear Top Coat is pure glossy, shiny magnificence.
It intensifies any Leighton Denny nail lacquer to a smooth glossy, crystal-like finish that really does last.
As you can see in the photo below, with one coat of the crystal clear top coat - my nail looks more alive and fresher - and this is on a naked nail with no lacquer applied.
I think I will need to really put this top coat to the test for a full week and see how I get on and report back!
You can pick up the crystal clear top coat in a duo for £18.50 'Here' The reviews on this product are amazing.
So there's my current Leighton Denny at home manicure staples.  

They are pure luxury, and high performance products from an amazing British brand!
I can see what all the fuss is about with Leighton Denny - and I hope to be able to watch his talent go from strength to strength.  He truly deserves it.

Have you tried anything from the Leighton Denny range before?

If so. what should I be looking out for?

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  1. These look incredibly great, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts lovely. I need a good top coat as my nail polish has been chipping a lot recently. How cute is that nail file? Also the idea of the nail polish remover is genius. Definitely have a look at this brand over the weekend. Happy Friday xx

    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. Carolin,
      Thanks for the lovely comment. Leightons range is simply stunning! You should definitely treat yourself xx


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