Thursday 2 April 2015

Introducing Bimuno and Competition!

Lets talk about tummies!  Not something that's discussed that much in the beauty blogging world, but one, out of years of suffering with IBS - I can totally relate too.  I am always looking for things to help me, that's where I came across Bimuno prebiotics  They produce a range of prebiotics that help people to maintain digestive balance and general wellbeing. Unlike probiotics, which “top up” the good bacteria in your gut, Bimuno products “feed” pre-existing good bacteria and help them thrive. 

There is something to help everyone.  And best of all the range is stocked in Boots and Superdrug too, and Bimuno is available as a range of soft chewable pastilles and a flavourless prebiotic powder that mixes into your everyday food or beverages.

Expert testimonials describing the effects of the Bimunos Range can be found 'Here' I was pleased to see Dr Hilary Jones from Good Morning Britain - commenting on his findings as a GP, and just how many patients he sees that regularly suffer with digestive problems.  (I am not alone then)

Bimuno have a diverse range of products to help with positive bacterial balance from Bimuno's Prebiotic Powder for your gut, to maintaining your digestive balance with IBAID, to supporting your bodies natural defences with IMMUNIAID, and TRAVELAID to help your support your tummy whilst you are abroad.  

Unfortunately at the time of writing this post for you guys, I am without my own box of IMMUNAID so I can only inform you of the brand, my hopes for it helping my own tummy worries, and my concerns over my dire immune system after getting over a severe case of Sinusitis! (I've never been so i'll as I was with that infection)

Here's how Bimuno can help you -

What I was waiting for was IMMUNAID, these are chewy pastilles that are simply taken twice a day, but more detailed information can be found 'Here'

I'm all for helping my digestive health as I suffer from IBS, and I have done so for many years. (as previously mentioned)
Immunaid offers a immune system boost which really intrigued me.  

Here's a more indepth look at this product - 

Formulated in the knowledge that more than 60% of the immune system is in the gut, Bimuno IMMUNAID is a daily supplement containing a combination of Vitamin C, contributing to the normal function of the immune system and unique patented Galacto-oligosaccharides (B-GOS).

B-GOS belongs to a special group of beneficial nutrient fibres (oligosaccharides) which are also found in maternal milk that feed and encourage certain types of bacteria, including bifidobacteria, naturally present in the gut.

Published scientific studies have shown the majority of Bimuno users can expect a significant increase in the bifidobacteria within just 7 days.

Bimuno IMMUNAID is ideal for individuals who have a weak or compromised immune system or are looking for additional support at certain times of the year. Older people can particularly benefit from IMMUNAID since over time the immune system becomes less effective than it once was, an effect known as Immunosenesence

The guys at Bimuno have been in touch, and they have offered a great competition for you lovely lot!  

It's the opportunity for you to win a £500 Trail Finders Giftcard - just by reading this post and answering the questions in the widget below!  Good luck! (and don't forget if you win to buy yourself some TRAVELAID!)

Win a £500 Trail Finders Giftcard

So what do you think of Bimuno?  
Have you heard or tried the range before? 

The range is priced at -
IMMUNAID for 30 soft chewable tablets £9.99
IBAID for 30 soft chewable tablets £9.99
TRAVELAID for 30 soft chewable tablets £9.99
BIMUNO POWDER for 30 sachets £8.99
All can be purchased 'Here

Multitasking products that help my IBS and boost my immune system are one of my resolutions for 2015!
Product sent c/o Bimuno 

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  1. I'm an IBS sufferer to Claire, it sucks! I haven't heard of Bimuno before, I wonder if we have it here in Oz. I'm always out for anything that'll help my tummy woes.
    Rosie xo

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Rosie! Definitely worth looking out for in Oz. IBS is just awful - I can eat the same thing for three days in a row and then one of the days I'll have a bad tummy - it just doesn't make sense. xx


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