Friday 6 March 2015

Currently Lusting After - Copper Homeware

I am a Pinterest addict! Whenever I want to zone out, and just get a little inspiration - I go on there, and save and pin everything that I want / or like and then wish I'd won the lottery to afford to have a Scandinavian style home worthy of a Pinterest picture, or board.
It's a great place for a funny photo, or quote, and its where I get my home interior and DIY ideas.

At the moment I am lusting after Marble and Copper home décor accessories. I have filled my boots with Marble home items from H&M, and now the Copper addiction to go alongside it, is thoroughly here to stay!

There is a plethora of gorgeous and inexpensive home-ware to be found at the moment, and I hope that my little lust list of Copper items below thrills you, as much as it does me!
Image source Pintrest

1.) Pineapples, aren't they everywhere at the moment? (I blame the gorgeous Kate from Gh0stparties) I know that technically this one isn't a copper coloured Pineapple, but I love it just the same.  And it's a jewellery stand.  Added bonus points for a dual purpose from me! This little gem is priced at a reasonable £20.00 from the mecca of home-wares Oliver Bonas - 'Here

2.) This gorgeous antique looking mirror from H&M Home would look stylish on any wall.  Priced at only £12.99 I think you'd be hard - pushed to find a cheaper alternative! - 'Here

3.) This gorgeous 'Ambience' candle from H&M Home has a touch of Copper to it, but it's still effortless and would look smart in the background to any blog photos for £3.99 I also love the fact that it says on it 'Please don't light and leave me!- 'Here'

4.) This gorgeous Copper and Glass Hanging Frame from Oliver Bonas is totally up my street.  It's in a 5 x 7" size, so I can pop all kinds of postcards into it, and display them nicely.  The frames only £14.00 too which means picking up two for a feature wall of frames will look incredibly stylish. - 'Here

5.) Another item from Oliver Bonas are these hexagonal tea-light holders.  They come in white or black, and each have a copper inner.  I adore the hexagonal shape, they make them even more stylish to me.  What's more these babies are currently in the sale for £4.00 instead of £10 - 'Here'

6.) Copper lighting is sooo expensive.  When I Googled 'Copper Lighting' this gorgeous desk lamp popped up from HomeBase - who would of though it?  I picked up this lamp already, and it's sits in pride of place on my white desk.  For £24.99 it's a bargain too 'Here'

7.) Another lust item is this gorgeous 'C' in copper from Oliver Bonas it's currently out of stock at the moment, but if your name doesn't begin with C then you might be in luck!  It's a bargain at £10.00 'Here'

8.) I adore this Copper metal box from H&M Home not only because it's Copper, but mainly because it says on it 'Enjoy the simple things in life' I think we all need to do more of that don't we?  It's a bargain at £3.99 'Here'

9.) And finally on this whirlwind tour of all things Copper and stylish is this cute little mirrored Copper tray from (again!) Oliver Bonas the tray comes in a medium and large size, but the large option is currently out of stock.  I adore putting perfume bottles, or jewellery onto mirrored trays.  It's a simple way to store items in a stylish, with no fuss way.  You can pick up this tray for £12.00 'Here'

So what do you think of the Copper décor trend?  Anything caught your eye?
If you like to keep up to date with my home interior inspiration pins on Pinterest you can find me 'Here' I pin daily, I think I need to go into Pinterest recovery!

See you again with another décor wishlist, let me know if there's any specific trend you'd like featured on my blog.

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