Monday 9 February 2015

O.P.I - Fifty Shades of Grey Lacquer Collection

Oh Fifty shades of Grey - three books which I've read about four times each.
Yes, the books have a lot of sex in them, but ultimately, they are just a love story!
I have been waiting for years for the books to be made into a film, and when this was confirmed, I have been attentively following everything I could find on social media!

When I was attending the QVC Beauty Bash in January, I saw that the amazing team at O.P.I have collaborated with the Fifty Shades franchise to create a 'Grey' themed limited edition set of nail colours.  (just in time for Valentines Day!)
I couldn't wait to purchase the set for myself, so lets delve in...

 The set is 6 full sizes of O.P.I nail lacquer, housed in a beautiful Fifty Shades Box.
Four of the lacquers are colours, and the other two are Nail Envy's.
One original Nail Envy, and the other of a limited edition 'Nude' Nail Envy.
Priced at £29.88 the collection 'Here' is great value for money, usually O.P.I nail lacquers retail for over £12.00 each.

In keeping with the Fifty Shades of Grey theme, each polish is called something in relation to the film.. so here goes
Above we have 'Dark Side of the Moon' a grey / blue shade which goes on quite sheer, and you have to build it up to make it completely opaque.
Above we have 'My Silk Tie' a beautiful metallic silver which looks amazing on the nails.  A shade of polish that I do not have in any of my collections.
Above we have 'Romantically Involved' a gorgeous deep red shade which is a joy to wear as it's just so classy!
Next, above we have 'Embrace the Grey' a fuller more pastel grey shade but one that also looks incredibly sophisticated on the nails.
Last but no means least we have two Nail Envy nail strengtheners.  I'm trying to look after my nails more in 2015 and I really need some help in that department - so to see two full size Nail Envy bottles in this kit really won me over!

The Nude Nail Envy pictured on the left is called 'Nearly Nude' and I adore it's nude, fleshy coloured hue that looks very minimalist on the nails.

At the QVC beauty bash I was told by the team at O.P.I about the Fifty Shades of Grey limited edition collection, and that the Nude Nail Envy is exclusive to this kit.  You can use this as you base to strengthen your nails, then everyday put a layer of the original formula over the top for 7 days, then at the end of the 7 days remove everything and start again.  You can even use this on top of the nail lacquer colours within the kit.  Using the Nail Envy as your top coat.

I have been doing this for over a week now, on top of the lacquers within this kit, and I must say that my nail growth has improved and hopefully with regular use my nails will look better in 2015.  

O.P.I have also created a mini collection for the Fifty Shades of Grey collaboration which you can find for £28.50 from QVC 'Here' or alternatively view the complete range 'Here'

So what do you think of this collection?  Do you love it as much as me?

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