Saturday 13 December 2014

My Little Box Review - December 2014

The December My Little Box did not disappoint this month.
Filled to the brim with beauty products, Christmas wrapping accessories and a lovely knitted headband, there's something for everyone.

The box is in collaboration with FleurDe Force.  A fellow beauty blogger,
and one that I have followed for years, I knew this months box was going to be a winner!
 To view the full contents in more detail check out my video below -

I adored how the box is packaged, I will use everything in this months box, but I think I will end up saving the Christmas packaging bits for me! LOL! (forever the stationery hoarder)
What did you think of this months festive box from My Little Box?

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  1. Yesterday I made an Instagram account so that I can find early pics of MLB (yeah, that was the only reason) and the first one I came across was your pic. Thanks for the video, totally following you and I hope you'll be as quick in unboxing every month (I receive this box a few weeks later than everyone because I have it shipped to me overseas, so this means a lot to me) :)

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Elena, Thanks for the fab comment! Aww I will try and post MLB reviews every month for you, no worries. I enjoy watching other peoples box reviews. Let me know me know what you think of your box when you receive it. xx

  2. Received my box this morning and agree a gorgeous little box, and I was scared by the lip colour until I saw on u.

    1. Alison, thanks for the great comment. Yeah the lip colour is great. Did you get the same colour in your box? xx

  3. Replies
    1. NO WAY! Have you contacted them to find out why? x


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