Saturday 18 October 2014

Merumaja Pure Radiance Mask - Review

A few weeks back I was approached by the team at Merumaya and was asked whether I would like to try their Pure Radiance Mask.

I jumped at the chance, because I have never tried anything from this range before.

I have heard of Merumaya in the beauty press but I wasn't aware of what this mask could do for my dry skin.

The mask is formulated to rapidly restore your skin back to a radiant complexion.  
Something every women needs when their skin is dull looking and lack luster, like mine!

The mask has four active ingredients -

Chromocare - which helps to rebuild collagen structure and reduce hyperpigmentation, it will also even out skin tone.

Kombuckha - which is based on a thousand year old health drink (“the fungus of long life”)  which smoothes the skin, adding glow to the complexion.  

Turmrone - Improves the evenness of the skin colour, and has a calming complex to reduce skin irritability and stress related redness (which I have a lot of) Clinical tests have been carried out by Merumaja to warrant having the Turmerone ingredient in the mask.

And lastly, Natural olive oil based texturisers and the purifying quality of Kaolin complete this winning formula to leave your skin radiant and velvety soft.

"How youthfully luminous and radiant would your skin look, if you had a light bulb in your mouth? The perfect pick-me-up treatment for rapidly improved luminosity."

I can honestly say that this mask is a miracle worker, when I want my skin to have a nourished feeling in the morning, and feel hydrated - I will smother this mask all over my face at night, not use my normal moisturiser, and just sleep in it!
I then wake up to plumper, revitalised skin.  Skin that feels that I have had a facial the night before, when all I have done it wear the mask over night.

A pampering treat I give you that, but for the price of £19.50 for a 50ml size 'Here' a little of this mask goes a long way.

It's a thick consistency as you can see in the photo above, but once blended it dissolves into the skin.

It doesn't clog pores, or flake off like some masks do, (if you leave them on the skin for far too long)
I am thrilled to of been sent this product to review for my blog.  I have discovered a range that has ingredients that suit my parched skin and enable me to pamper myself a little more, without breaking the bank.

I am intrigued to try other products from the Merumaja range.  The story of the brand from it's creator Maleka - which you can read 'Here' is also very interesting.

Have you tried anything from this brand before?

The full Merumaja product range can be found 'Here'

You can also find me here


  1. I bet this is lovely, I tried their serum and it was like silk!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Hey my lovely lady, thanks for the great comment. I haven't tried anything else from Merumaja - you have me intrigued by the serum now!! :-/ xx

  2. I have never seen this before and I already know I need to try it!

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Yep I am a major #instigator but ohhh it feels good to find a mask that nourishes my poor old face! xx


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