Wednesday 16 July 2014

Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 50+ - Review

I was lucky enough to be contact by a PR company asking if I'd like to review sun protection for a site called

I jumped at the chance because I am dreadful at sun protection, and I really should get more into the habit of protecting my face with a proper SPF instead of relying on my foundation to have one.
I had two options of sun cream to choose from both with high SPF's
I opted for the 'Sunsense Daily Face' because it offered -
SPF 50+
Invisible tint finish
UVA and UVB sun protection
Matt Formula
Oil Free Base
Dermatology Tested
It can also be worn alone or under make-up which suited my skin perfectly
The packaging is quite understated and the smell of the product is refreshing.
I didn't know how this tint finish would sit within my usual make up routine.  I already use the Revlon colour-stay foundation which has an SPF of 20 in it, so I was concerned that I was going SPF crazy with so much on my face!

I was very wrong, this 'tint' applied seamlessly, provided my complexion with an even moisturised finish and when I applied my foundation on top of it, not only did I not have to wait for the daily face product to sink in I could apply my foundation directly on top of it and carry on as normal.
Here's the consistency, a very sheer tint which sinks into the skin very well.
Overall I have had several people I work with comment on how flawless and airbrushed my skin looks.  I think washing my face every monring, moisturising, then allowing my SPF to sink in means that my foundation has a great base to work with.  The sheer tint of the lotion means that it covers my blemishes better too, and it also works as a primer.  WIN WIN!

The PR company also sent me two lip products to trial, but I haven't gotten around to using them so far.

If your looking for a high SPF daily face lotion, which provides your skin with protection and a primer in one than I would definitely recommend this product.
I think I will be re-purchasing this lotion for years to come!

Do you regularly use SPF as part of your everyday face?

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