Tuesday 3 June 2014

Updated What's In My Bag - With Meena Handbags

I am so nosey, I adore watching or reading 'what's in my bag' blogposts.
It gives me a glimpse into the sort of things I should be carrying around with me everyday!
I avidly nose at the posts on WIMH website - for bag / make-up / stationery inspiration.

I was approached by Meena Handbags to review one of their bags, so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and review the bag and also do a what's in my handbag updated blog post.. SCORE!
I carry the basics with me everyday, purely because I have a bad shoulder (still) if you follow me on Twitter you would know the reason why!

This bag from Meena is great because I can carry my essentials in style without it weighing me down because the shoulder / cross body strap is so thick and comfortable.

The Meena handbag shown is the "Uptown Girl" Bag and it can be found for £110 'Here'

This bag is real leather, and also is handmade in the UK and it has such a luxurious feel.  I intended to order the black with turquoise leather bag, but it was out of stock so I then had the option of the pink (how fitting!)

To view the full selection of Meena Handbags click 'Here'

My mobile phone isn't pictured because it generally is always in my jeans pocket or in my hand.  Talk about addicted to Android smart phones!!

My Ipad, is my work I pad and it is NEVER out of my handbag, I use it for planning meetings, blogging and watching YouTube videos at lunchtimes.  It's invaluable and my own ipad is now redundant.  
 Everything fits easily in this bag, Ipad, headphones, purse you name it.
 The lining is red, and I must be honest when I say this - it isn't a colour I would go for, for a lining of bag in pink and black!
 The bag has an inside zip, with a gold plague saying M for Meena
 As you can see in the photo above, the pink flap is a textured suede.
My Ipad and headphones fit inside the bag with no worries, there is plenty of room for everything.

 And here's what I carry around with me daily -

Hello  Kitty plasters which you can buy from Poundland - if your gonna have a plaster make it a cute one!

Collection lasting perfection concealer - the wording has rubbed off of my handbag concealer but still -it's a wonderful product for the price of £4.19 'Here' This product is genius, great value for money and fantastic coverage.

eBay perfume atomizer for £1.58 'Here' cheap and does the job. No carrying around of heavy perfume bottles for me!

L'Oreal Glam Shine in the shade 915 'Die for Guava' for £6.99 'Here' this colour is a great everyday moisturising shade

REVLON colorburst in the shade 105 'Demure' for £7.99 'Here' this colour is a fab nude with a glisten.  I wear it if I want some cheering up!

Dove 'go fresh' travel size deodorant Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena from £1.83 onwards 'Here' cute packaging, easy to carry around and a lovely scent.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair 30ml 'Here' for £36.50 I find this is great for my cracked lips, so I always carry it around if my lips gets sore or if I have dry patches of skin on my face.

Extra white chewing gum - easy to chew and whitens your teeth - need I say more?

The top of the picture is my compact Tangle Teezer in gold and black - it keeps itself clean and away from damaging anything in your bag and is the only thing I use to brush my hair! £9.59 'Here'

Model Mirror, this is a compact and lights up and I have had this mirror for years, I simply adore this mirror you can pick it up for £14.99 from Amazon 'Here' I receive so many compliments when I use this.

The white Sony headphones are £11.45 'Here' I use these everyday, they are so comfortable and great value for money.

The silver ipod nano (4th Generation) can be purchased from Amazon for £50.00 upwards 'Here' this ipod I was lucky to win in a competition a few years back.  Not only is it easy for me to use this in my car, but it's so light to carry you don't notice it in your bag.

The Fulton umbrella with roses on it is £22.95 from Amazon 'Here' a pretty functional umbrella that never breaks and is easy to carry around.

The DKNY purse range can be found 'Here' from House of Fraser.  I bought my purse many years ago so I think this style is now out of date.

The Hello Kitty pen - I purchased mine from Harrods, and I know that online they don't show the stock so instead I have included the link to Tesco who offer more of a range 'Here'

I hope you enjoyed this post?
What's the one thing you can't live without in your handbag?

(The Meena handbag was sent to me for review purchases only, and not to keep)

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  1. I love the pink suede flap, I just love anything pink! In my bag, you can alwyas find about 7-10 lippies or glosses! I put the day's lipstick in there, Then I forgot to take it out. :P

  2. Hey Stephanie thanks for the comment! I have wayy too many lippys in my bag too, I have to keep taking them out. xx


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