Wednesday 25 June 2014

Freedom of Speech as a Blogger

So as you may of seen on my blog on Wednesday 11th June I wrote THIS blog post.  

It was a post about my experience at "at spa" (no names no petrol) and let's just say that I had photographic evidence of my day there and "the company" didn't take too nicely to my honest review.  They proceeded to email me a letter from their solicitor at 7.00 pm one evening threatening me with legal action because of my post content. 

To say I was angry and upset was an understatement.
So I replied back to the solicitor of the company and explained that whether or not my blog post was derogatory, to go to such an extreme of threatening a blogger with legal action is absolutely disgraceful!
Since I took down my blog post, thankfully I have no more contact with this company, or their solicitor.
I was disgusted as a paying customer to be treated in such a way.

But my question to you all, is this - as a blogger, can you be honest and write a review about ANYTHING without having companies like the one I had to deal with being so nasty?

My way of thinking is that whether or not my blog post was all hearts or flowers, or the honest truth, what does it matter?  Every company should take on criticism whether negative, or not right??


It seems some organisations take things to the extreme (in my case) and my blog post / review had to be removed as asked, and many of you offered your support to me on Twitter which I was extremely grateful for.

Should companies be allowed to treat bloggers this way?  Have you had dealings with companies not being grateful for your honesty?  What I struggle to understand is if I were to go onto Trip Advisor and leave a negative review - isn't this just the same thing as my blog post about my experiences?!

It's there for everyone to read, regardless if it's within a blog post or as a review on the website you purchased your item from.

I just don't get it!

The above picture sums up this situation up nicely, why silence bloggers if they are just telling you how it is?
Fair enough in hindsight - when I left the spa I should of spoken about the issues I found at their facilities, but I just wanted to get out of there and go home an rest, I couldn't deal with much more agro.

 I feel sad, sad because it seems I cannot express myself in the way that my blog was intended, and I don't feel that's right for me and for all of my readers.

No matter what happens, I am not going to let this situation get me down, and if I don't like something I will tell you all because that's the person I am, and honesty is the best policy!

So the world of blogging has knocked me down somewhat.

Have you ever had bad experiences with writing blog posts and your relationships with the companies you write about?

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  1. It's disgusting. On a legal point of view, I'm not too sure of what you could I've done, but I think you didn't make up anything, you just wrote about your experience, and if they cannot assume their crappy place and behaviour well they shouldn't be in business!

    1. Hello my lovely lady! Thanks for your support as always. It's dreadful how they have behaved, I urge everyone not to use the company for fear of more of this going on. xx

  2. I think they were bang out of order, rude and I wouldn't ever use their services! Had they been more professional, they could have asked for you to email them directly with your issues and concerns so they could be addressed! x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Hey Rachel, thanks for the comment honey, yeah I was disappointed but thanks to all my friends they now know how bad the spa were and they will keep away. ;-) xx you keep away from them too.

  4. Best put your comments on TripAdvisor eh? Lol


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