Thursday 24 April 2014

eBay Make Up Brushes - Review

I adore good quality make-up brushes.
I love Real Techniques but sometimes they can be really expensive!  I saw a few fellow bloggers talking about synthetic make-up brushes from eBay and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I spent my pay pal balance and purchased this set of 10 brushes for £9.82 from 'this' seller 

The 10 piece set that I purchased is out of stock - so you can find alternatives 'Here' from eBay
I was dubious in buying these, as I didn't know what the quality would be like - but after the first use I knew I had made the right decision!
The 3 larger brushes are a joy to use - I use the right one for blusher and the largest of the set for foundation.  They give a even application with no bristle loss and make my foundation application flawless.
The 5 smallest brushes are also great to use on concealer or eye-shadows.  I especially like the pointed brush on the left for blending in my eye-shadows (as you can see from the picture it has been used)
Here's a close up of the 5 smaller brushes for you
All in all - this set is worth its value in gold.  The brushes wash up really well, give a precise and even application and look really expensive on my dressing table.

I have recommended the to a few friends and they have also gone out and purchased this set (hence why eBay is probably now out of stock LOL!)
What do you think of synthetic brushes from eBay?

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