Wednesday 18 December 2013

Dermalogica Skincare and Beauty900 @ Shumaila's Hair & Beauty - Review

I was lucky enough to be sent some great Dermalogica products to try from Beauty 900  and Shumaila's Hair & Beauty in Gants Hill Essex.  Unfortunately Gants Hill is quite far from me, and I couldn't review the salon myself but I felt very lucky to receive the Dermalogica goodies to review for you all.

About Beauty 900 
They are official stockists of Dermalogica products.
They offer FREE Dermalogica samples with all orders, Fast delivery and Excellent customer service
Advice on Dermalogica products and skincare from their knowledgeable staff

Why Beauty 900 would Recommend Dermalogica to their Customers

For over 25 years Dermalogica have been dedicated to the health of the skin and have innovated and developed a range of systems and products that combine the finest skin loving ingredients with a strong ethos  - that skin health is not just a beauty concern. Dermalogica uses ingredients that work - and that get results. The brand is trusted and used professionally worldwide now you can enjoy the benefits in your own home.

Beauty900 is owned by Shumailas Hair and Beauty Salon based in Gants Hill. Shumaila knows skin care, she has over ten years experience of delivering the best in skin care excellence with Dermalogica products to her many clients and uses the Dermalogica range in her salons.

Day Time Radiance Kit - The multivitamin Power Firm is great for the cold weather we have had recently.  It envelops your skin in a protective veil of moisture and is great on the lips too!

Daily Microfoliant (£38.50) is just a pleasure to use, its not like a normal exfoliator as there are no beads.  It simply is a powder that you mix with a little water to make a paste.  You apply this paste with either a brush or your hands and it easily dissolves dead skin cells, renews your complexion and does not irritate my sensitive skin.

I was also sent samples of the Intensive Moisture Balance and Skin resurfacing cleanser.

I simply ADORED the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser (£34.50) because it is an anti-Ageing Cleanser, it Exfoliates and hydrates my dry skin, it obviously has Resurfacing properties and makes my lack-lustre skin glow without drying it out.  

The Intensive Moisture Balance (£35.00)  Is just that, an Intense Moisturiser. Used for dry, mature skin, it Blurs fine lines, it Repairs hyper-pigmentation and it leaves my skin radiant.  I was so sad when my samples of this ran out! 

Thanks to Shumaila for sending me these great products to try, now my skin is back to being sallow because it misses the benefits of Dermalogica!

You can find the salon on Twitter here - @shumailas_salon where they have great competitions for you to enter!

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  1. My step mum owns a beauty salon so I love testing out the dermalogica products she uses, they really are worth the money!

    I found your blog via BLoglovin and it would be great to follow each other's blogging journey :) xx

  2. Hi Charlotte. Thanks very much for the lovely comment. I have followed your blog via BlogLovin' xx

  3. I have had a good experience with Dermalogica Skin care products that I would like to share with you. In a beauty salon I walked into recently, they did a facial for me. It was a 1 hour Dermalogica multi vitamin power facial. It had an amazing fragrance that I loved. After the facial, I felt reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, & felt that my skin was intensely hydrate. Would love o go there again!


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