Tuesday 1 October 2013

If you buy one thing this month...

As I mentioned in my August 2013 favourites video I am loving the magnifying light that I purchased from eBay.

It's so handy for doing your make up in the dark winter months, as the light is very bright and it allows me to see my skin close up when the light is bouncing off of my dressing table mirror.  And its also great for doing my nails using my Red Carpet Manicure Kit, and also looking at the small print on product labels - the list of uses is endless!

The light has a flip up lid which allows you to use the magnifier and the small circle which also magnifies to a larger extent.

Now my eyesight isn't that great, I wear glasses and still I cannot view small print, see tiny hairs and dust when painting my nails or un-knott necklaces that have got tangled up, but with this light I can do all of those things with ease.

Here's a Laura Geller eye shadow, it's a marble effect eye-shadow that is baked and then formed into the shadow part.  Looking at it normally you cannot see the detail at all, but using my magnifying light you can see all of the colour pigments below, clearly and in all their Laura Geller splendour! (sorry the pic is blurry)

I also like the fact that this light has a very bendable neck, it can be placed at many angles and because the base of the light is weighted you have no worries about it falling over.

Specs -

Free standing illuminated desktop magnifier
Ideal for use on detailed work such as model building and nail art work etc
Adjustable support arm and rotating neck give easy perfect positioning 
90mm glass lens
Magnification 3x with 4x inset
Integral lens cover
230Vac, 50Hz power supply
12W circular fluorescent lamp 

I seem to find myself turning this light on, and using it for everything.  I cannot recommend it to my fellow beauty bloggers enough!

You can find this magnifying light 'Here' for £15.95 with free postage and packing.  
The seller on eBay sends the product extremely quickly and it comes nicely packaged too! And the seller is based in Peterborough UK which is fab in my book.

Now I've instigated you into purchasing this little gem, let me know if you take the plunge and buy it!



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  1. Ooh this would be amazing for doing your nails!



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