Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Debenhams Beauty Press Show 2013

On Tuesday 15th October I attended the Debenhams Beauty Press Show.

I had a rough idea of what to expect (a huge haul of Christmas booty) but I was overwhelmed by the choice of Christmas gifts available and how friendly the PR staff were.

This post is photo heavy so get a pen and paper and take note of all the gorgeous gifts I was shown.

You can view all of the Debenhams Christmas Gift Sets 'Here'

I met the lady herself and had a gorgeous facial with the lovely Emma Hardie.  She showed me other items in her range that can help my dry skin.  She used different techniques with the cleansing cloth to buff the skin dry and boost circulation.


Friday, 25 October 2013


As some of you lovelies might of noticed I've been missing in action blog wise the past few weeks.
This is because of a bereavement.

On 13th October 2013 I lost my best friend, surrogate mum, ex boss and all round angel Mags.

She was in hospital for 10 days and then in a coma and then deteriorated so rapidly that we lost her.

She is the reason why I have my blog, she always pushed me in the right direction, encouraged me to make the best of myself and truly loved me very much.

Mags and her daughter Lily


Friday, 4 October 2013

Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle Primer

As some of you know I was lucky enough to be invited in January this year to the QVC beauty bash. 
My post on the day is 'Here'.  
I absolutely loved my time at the beauty bash and I was given an amazing goody bag to take home.  
Inside my goody bag were some gems, one of which was this Laura Geller waterproof eye spackle in fair.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

If you buy one thing this month...

As I mentioned in my August 2013 favourites video I am loving the magnifying light that I purchased from eBay.

It's so handy for doing your make up in the dark winter months, as the light is very bright and it allows me to see my skin close up when the light is bouncing off of my dressing table mirror.  And its also great for doing my nails using my Red Carpet Manicure Kit, and also looking at the small print on product labels - the list of uses is endless!

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