Thursday 8 August 2013

My (old) Deal of The Week - York and Albany restaurant through Review

As you know from my previous post 'Here' I talked to you all about this amazing offer that I found on - now this offer has finished (which I knew it would be) but I still wanted to talk to you all about the great offer, it's value for money and how I found the restaurant.

The Restaurant was very easy to find, a short walk from Camden station 

we were greeted on arrival and provided with my (on the right) Pimms and my friends non alcoholic Pimms, the way these drinks were presented with mixed fruit made me change my mind about drinking Pimms completely! 
The Menu
For starters what a choice!  

I liked the sound of everything on the menu but for both of us we opted for a starter of 'Tea smoked duck salad, radish, green beans and watercress'

Our Starter
The starter was refreshing and crisp and light, but we both thought it lacked substance.  I know it's only a starter but it could of had more duck with it?  We chowed down and within a couple mouthfuls it was gone!

Our Main Course
For main course, again we both opted for the same - this time 'Roasted chicken breast, Lemon and coriander cous cous, Hazelnut dressing'

The main for me was the highlight of the show, the chicken was moist and roasted beautifully, the broccoli was cooked al dente just as I like it, and the cous cous, I could write a whole blog post on THAT  cous cous!  It was just so lemony and went amazingly well with the chicken, something which I have never thought of putting together.  I looked up at my friend and he had devoured his within minutes.  We both agreed that this was the star of the evening.. I mean just look at it! (LOL)

My Dessert
For dessert I opted for ' English strawberries and cream' thinking in my small mind that it would just turn up in a bowl and plonked in front of me, but again Gordon makes the simple things look well put together.

I loved the way I had a jug of cream, a bowl of sugar and a tower of strawberries to enjoy.

After my lovely dessert, I decided to treat myself to another (rather expensive) extra Pimms - the first was just too yummy!

My friend for dessert didn't quite fancy anything on the menu and because it was his birthday they were more than obliging to his requests, in the end he opted for sorbet which he adores and then was served his sorbet with a candle and a serenade of "Happy Birthday" from the staff.

I adored my evening at the York and Albany and I shall definitely return.  The staff were professional and accommodating and even though we had 4 different waiters serve us throughout our meal, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable or less welcome.  All of the waiters were extremely attentive, and made my friends birthday extra special.

If you like Gordon Ramsay as much as we do then keep an eye on this page on the website which shows all the current deals for Gordon's many restaurants 'Here' currently there is another deal on for Foxtrot Oscar in Chelsea with  2 courses & a Glass of Chapel Down Vintage £18 'Here' 

Have you been to any of Gordon's fine restaurants? 


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