Monday 29 April 2013

Smooch Cosmetics - Cosmetics with Sex Appeal!

Smooch cosmetics is not a brand of cosmetics that I had heard of before, then I was contacted by the company and was asked what products out of their make up range I would like to be sent to review for my blog.

I pursued the fabulous website and found an abundance of sassy NARS looking packaging and beautiful colours, each with their own lace design in purple which I just fell in love with!

The background of Smooch -

Smooch Cosmetics, are known for their saucy, lacy packaging and highly desirable range of colours.
The concept came from a drawer of lingerie. The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that was saucy and sexy without being salacious.

The company founder mused over the fact that cosmetics were a little like underwear – you have your everyday white, black and nudes, the base or foundation of your lingerie collection. Then there are the items you save for special occasions, the highlighters, the products that outline and define drawing attention to those areas you want to focus on. Be it the lacy bra that offers extra cleavage, the super sheer pants to give you a great bum, or the thong for no vpl.

At Smooch cosmetics it’s all about confidence. They love their packaging but know that if they were to peel back the lace you’d still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.

I really like the Smooch brand, I have never heard of them before and I think there website is incredibly girly and well thought out.

I was sent 5 items to review and I must say I was really impressed!

First up was the duo eye shadow below in Purple Haze £9.50 - a duo of metallic lilac and deep mauve shades, which look fab teamed with my green eye shade and lashings of mascara.  The eye shadows aren't the most pigmented I have used but they are fab colours and I really have enjoyed wearing them.

Below is "Sweet Cheeks" a warm duo blush £8.50 - a gorgeous rose gold blusher colour on the right and on the left a highlighter.  These brushed over the apples of your cheeks together look beautiful.

I was also sent in the main picture -

Smooch Lipstick in "Sweet Tooth" £7.50 - a pastel pink lipstick which gives my lips a sheer tint in a gorgeous pink shade.  I found myself reaching for this lipstick everyday as it simply goes with everything and really moisturises the lips.

Smooch lip gloss in  "Jelly Bean" £7.50 - Leaves an apricot coloured sheen on the lips which is just lovely.  It has a handy twist and go applicator and is so light to carry in your handbag.  I found it very useful in small clutch bags when going out and about.

Smooch Liquid Eyeliner in "Black" £6.95 - This was the most disappointing out of all the lovely products that I was sent.  The liner simply dries too fast, meaning that once it is dry it flakes all down your face and made me have to re-do all of my eye make up again.

I would really recommend the Smooch Cosmetics brand, they would make ideal presents and they always offer really good value deals on their website.

Have you tried Smooch Cosmetics before?


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