Friday 19 April 2013


​Emobox was created from the idea that technology doesn't have to be boring and geeky. 

It can be cool, glamorous and chic, representing your true personality just as equally as your clothes do! They want you to flaunt this 'stuff' and be possessive about it, not hide it like you usually do. 

Emobox are a small team of tech geeks based in London, who are also Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Entertainment enthusiasts and are always coming up with new and exciting USB concepts that they feel you’ll like to flaunt, stemming from ideas that are close to their heart.

​Hence when you get yourself some Emobox, what you're guaranteed alongside your order is truckloads of quirkiness, a tonne of love and hard work with a dash of uniqueness sprinkled all over it. Enjoy!

I was lucky to be sent the Lady Gaga Credit card shaped USB flash drive to review.

Here's the tech information

- Credit card shaped USB Flash Drive
- Fits into wallet, oyster card & ID card holder
- Stores 8 GB data
- 2.0 platform for fast data transfer

Not only is this credit card shaped USB Flash Drive one of a kind in the UK, its slim enough to glide into your wallet and oyster card holder just like any other card so you're never without one. 

For the Gaga fans out there, this compact way to store data, pictures, videos and music is our favourite 'Wallet Drive' from the fashion technology core collection featuring an over-the-top background, Lady Gaga's signature and a picture of the rockstar herself. It would make a unique gift idea for a hard core fan of the music diva and also a quirky way to add a splash of colour to your tech wardrobe. If you're gaga for Lady Gaga, you'll love this one! £13.00 'Here'

They also offer other credit card USB flash drives and I simply adore the Chanel version below

Each of these credit card shaped USB are a very reasonable £13.00 each with £3.50 worldwide shipping they would make wonderful gifts for new students, new school starters or just for that one person who you never know what to get them!

I have been using my Lady Gaga USB everyday for spreadsheets that I need, or photos for my blog, it really has become an invaluable tool to have and I think many like minded bloggers would also benefit from this little gem of a gadget!  

It's light and just fits anywhere and the bonus of it is that once its in your purse you will never loose it as it just fits into the regular credit card slots.

Have you heard of Emobox before?  What do you think of this new credit card USB flash drive invention?

Have a great weekend!





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