Wednesday 10 April 2013

April Pay Day Wish List

It's the middle (ish) of the month, and oh how I lust after things which I can't really afford and that I REALLY shouldn't even be contemplating on buying!

I guess I just can't help myself....

So here you have it my rather cheeky pay day wish list with (shocker!) no beauty items included -

Women's Round Collar PU Leather Sleeve Jacket

I adore the PU sleeve look and proudly own a camo jacket with PU sleeves but when I saw this jacket on VIPXO blog I just fell in love!

This jacket screams Chanel to me, and I love the fabric.  

It's available to buy from Ebay for £22.99 with £5.99 p & p
I think that it's a great price for a jacket that not many people will be wearing.

Equally as gorgeous as the jacket above is this take on the Celine t-shirt that all the fashion bloggers have been wearing.  

This one suits me down to the ground seeing as I am a crazy cat lady and adore my two babies tons.  

This T-shirt is so cute and at such a great price from Ebay at £9.95 with £2.00 p&p they offer it in ladies, kids and mens sizes too - you could all end up matchy matchy awwwww!

I adore this H&M necklace it's very art deco inspired and will just look fab teamed up with the two items above.  Best of all it's only £12.99 and it looks far more expensive than that!

I adore River Island leggings, they are the only leggings that I will wear as they last a really long time.  I have even gone to good old Ebay for back up when my favourite pair of leggings have seen better days!

These leggings are black, but have the same quilting detail as the coat that I have listed above.  

I like this little detail as it makes the two pieces match and gives the leggings some interest in the side panels.

They are £22.00 from River Island and I don't think they will be around for long. 

So that was my rather small wish list for you all to enjoy!

I would of added my Canon 650D camera and the IKEA desk that I really want for my room but I have so much to think about at the moment that the things I really want to buy are out of my league / hands / life! :-(

Never mind I will get there.

Thanks for reading!



  1. nice picks!!! I loved the jacket :)

  2. Thanks very much Ray! :-) pleased you liked my little selection. xx

  3. Love the necklace, I haven't seen anything like it before. It has just the right amount of colour.


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