Saturday 2 March 2013

My Birthday Day 2 - London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House

Hey guys so here's the second part of my birthday weekend for you, the previous post was all about my trip to London Zoo then to the May Fair hotel for afternoon tea!  

This post is all about my trip to the Vodaphone London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House.

The thoughts are of course my own opinion  if you enjoyed the London Fashion Weekend then good on you, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

I was lucky enough to be given free tickets to the London Fashion weekend and I jumped at the chance of continuing on my birthday celebrations by going somewhere I have never been before.

I checked out the website and other bloggers posts about the weekend and saw how many designer brands were going to be featured at the event and I got quite excited!

Somerset House
Somerset house is very easy to find, it's basically over Waterloo bridge and of a Sunday you can park actually on the bridge for free!

All the designer's selling items at the fashion weekend

The scrummy Diet Coke man we had our photo taken with 
The gorgeous Manolo Blahnik London Fashion Week artwork surrounding the cat walk show
Now I am very grateful to receive free tickets, I really enjoyed the hunky Diet Coke man (and getting a free Diet Coke) and seeing new brands and products I have not seen before.  But I am not one for designer clothes and most things were way out of my price range!  I think if you are a fashionista, like everything in one place then this event is for you.  

Personally I was pleased to of gone, but I much prefer the Clothes Show and the QVC Beauty Bash that I attended this year.  Somerset House is a strange place, lots of tiny rooms, people in towering heels and just not the kind of event space I envisaged it to be!  I couldn't even buy an Elle Magazine for a £1 :-(

If you are looking for a girly day out, like designer price tags then this one is for you! But be warned I didn't see many items being reduced considering it was the last day... this might be something you keep in mind if you are hoping to pick up a bargain!

It was busy for the last day of fashion weekend!
Any other beauty / clothes events that you think I might Like?

(all photos my own)


  1. I went to the London fashion weekend too and didn't think much of it :/ everything was way to expensive to buy and there wasn't much to do :( definitely prefere the clothes show!! my post about LFW is over on my log at xxx

  2. I attened quite a few LFWeends, even the very second one, when it was still by the Natural History Museum. For past couple of seasons is utter madness over there. Overpriced items and I don't like overcrowded atmosphere. LFW is much better. I also hate how every time the ticket prices are going higher and higher...

    (FYI It was Manolo Blahnik who designed LFW artwork this year :) ) X


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