Thursday 6 December 2012

Look Good Feel Better Event at Harvey Nichols - An Update

Hi Guys a little update for you on the Harvey Nichols Look Good Feel Better Event that I attended on 6th November 2012.

From my last post you saw how disappointed I was by the event, how the goody bag that was advertised on the website wasn't what I received on the actual day.  And how I didn't know where to go to collect the goody bag, or who to see to give my name to when I had arrived.  I also didn't know what was on offer to me as a ticket purchaser, as there were no directions explaining where everything was.

I was accused in my last post of being a "free loader" by an anonymous commenter I can assure you that I am not a free-loader   

The point of my blog post was to pay £15 for the ticket for the charity and go to the event because it interested me and I knew that it would interest my readers.  

I blogged about the event in my honest opinion, if you didn't like the blog post then you didn't have to read it!

Yes the ticket sale cost went towards the charity, and I was happy to pay that.  But the goody bag that was advertised on the website was not what I received on the day, it contained many samples of products and in my opinion was not a luxurious goody bag.  

That's why I wrote to the Look Good Feel Better company explaining how disappointed I was because I had booked a half day off of work especially to attend the event plus the cost of travelling to Harvey Nichols in London.

I love finding new products and watching beauty demonstrations so receiving the goody bag at such a prestigious event made me want to buy a ticket even more!

This was my point, Yes everyone loves something for free, and I had paid the ticket price but what I had received disappointed me.  This event has just started out and I wanted to provide feedback for the next event so that's why I wrote to The Look Good Feel Better Company directly and then they passed my letter on to Harvey Nichols and afterwards I compiled my blog post about what I thought of the day.

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely letter from Paul Finucane the Group Stores director at Harvey Nichols last week, thanking me for my feedback and telling me that the Look Good Feel Better partnership with Harvey Nichols is an ongoing one which is encouraging as I feel the next event will be even better.  

In light of my letter Paul kindly sent me a new luxury goody bag as a good will gesture and I have written to him today to say thank you.

I was very surprised to receive anything from Harvey Nichols as it was only my intention to offer feedback directly to the Look Good Feel Better company, but both companies went the extra mile and I am very thankful to them for the effort they have made.

My letter didn't need to be sent to Harvey Nichols but Look Good Feel Better had done so which I think is also a lovely thing to do.

Thank you to both companies for their correspondence!

Here's what I was lucky enough to receive from Harvey Nichols -

Some of the items
Me opening the box
The contents was amazing, so many new brands I had never heard of, and a great set of candles from Harvey Nichols and the new Vanitas Versace perfume set.

Thanks once again for this gesture Harvey Nichols and Look Good Feel Better!

Best Wishes




  1. YAY! I am glad they sorted it for you so you got what you should have had! This is really good! :-) Woo hoo! xx

  2. Oh how nice! You had a right to complain so ignore silly comments, xoxo.

  3. allthatslap thanks for the comment honey xx


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