Thursday 13 December 2012

FreeFrom Skin Care Awards 2012 in association with the Green Beauty Bible

I was lucky enough to be sent some products to review from Alex at and it has taken me longer than expected to review the products sent so apologies Alex!

You can find more information about the Free from skincare awards by clicking Here

Here's some more information about the Skins Matter website

Skins Matter is an entirely independent informational website, part of the FoodsMatter family of sites, focusing on skin health, natural / organic and 'freefrom' skincare products, and skin-related sensitivities and disorders.

The SkinsMatter site has over 60 articles and over 150 research reports on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, carries regular new and tried and tested product reviews, and extensive directories of freefrom skincare product manufacturers.

Skins Matter's FreeFrom Skincare Awards, in association with the Allergy and FreeFrom Show and the Beauty Bible, launched in 2012 and are now in their second year.

The site gets approximately over 40,000 unique visitors and 1.5 million hits per year. SkinsMatter has its own Facebook page and its own Twitter account with over 1,500 followers.

I have loved several of the items Alex was kind enough to send me to review and here are my top 3 favourites -

EDEN Fresh Therapies Natural nail polish remover
This natural polish remover is not harmful to you or your nails in anyway. It will not damage the natural oil within your nails. Helping them to remain much more healthy.

EDEN Natural Nail Polish Remover works perfectly on all types of nail polish, but is not suitable for polish coating false nails.

The natural polish remover is translucent with a fragrant smell which includes a hint of lime for freshness. 
Free from any artificial acetones, EDEN ensures you won't be left with any lingering reminders of your nail polish remover. 

You can purchase a 50 ml bottle of this polish remover for £9 directly from Here with free delivery! 

I really enjoyed the glass bottle and how classy it looks on my dressing table and it really does remove all traces of nail polish and leave a fruity zesty lime fragrance behind!  A nice alternative to the usual nail polish remover!

Australian Bush Flower Replenishing Night Cream

A rich luxurious organic night time formulation to nurture and rehydrate skin whilst restoring a radiant looking complexion. Replenishing Night Cream combines natural organic emollients, rich natural anti-oxidants, beautiful botanicals, exotic oils, Rose Stem Cells and Australian Bush Flower Essences all within an overnight intensive beauty treatment. It rehydrates and plumps up the appearance of skin which helps maintain your skin feeling soft and gentle. Rich in graceful aging anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and promote the elasticity of the skin.

Gently apply to your beautiful face, hands or body.

Imbibed with Rose Stem Cells and Australian Bush Flower Essences
Rich in natural anti-oxidants and graceful aging botanicals
An overnight intensive skin beauty treatment

Wow this replenishing night cream really does what it says on the tin, not only is it a slight emollient feeling cream, but the smell is beautiful and it just is a pleasure to use!
I have literally been using this cream for about two months, and I am not sparing with it, I use it everywhere and the contents of the pump dispenser has run out quite rapidly from over use, always a good sign!

I adore the packaging of this cream and the slogan on the bottle saying "Love System, Love your body, love your soul, Love who you are"

If you are looking for a moisturising night cream then I would highly recommend this cream, I luckily received a 30 ml bottle and it has lasted me well.  You can purchase your own bottle by clicking Here and you will be taken to the actual Australian website for Bush Flower essences and a 30 ml bottle will set you back $27.95 or alternatively you can purchase it from for £25.95

SOPHYTO Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate 

Sophyto Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate is a powerful anti-ageing treatment suitable for all skin types.

Enriched with Tocotrienols (one of Vitamin E’s many components) this Super Skin Concentrate effectively prevents sun damage to the skin by delivering a visibly more radiant, healthier looking complexion. Tocotrienols are about 30-50 times more potent than Tocopherols as antioxidants with demonstrated anti-aging performance and research in the Journal of Nutrition in 2001 showed that Tocotrienols are the kingpins in anti-aging skin care.

Free from Parabens and Artificial Fragrances and Colours; Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate protects skin from signs of premature ageing and leaves the complexion healthy, luminous and radiant.

Sophyto Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate was a Finalist for Best Innovation in Organic Cosmetics in the Natural and Organic Awards 2012.

You can purchase 30 ml bottle (as shown in the picture above) by clicking Here Beauty Bay stock the Sophyto range for £34.95

I absolutely adore this rich concentrate, it has overshadowed my Clarins Blue Orchid oil by miles!

It leaves my skin glowing, moisturised and feeling nurtured   I adore the pharmacy-esque packaging and the fact that a little bit of this goes a VERY long way.

It contains a large amount of seed oils - Apricot, Pomegranate and Rose hip (to name a few) and it smells medicinal on the skin, but in a lovely calming way.

I cannot wait to purchase the full size of this oil, I really do love it that much!

Thanks very much to Alex for allowing me to sample some of the products, I have thoroughly enjoyed being shown new cosmetic brands and furthering my knowledge of organic skincare.

You can find the winners of the 2012 skins matter Free From awards by clicking Here

I really hope to work with the awards and Skins matter much more in the future!




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  1. Eden Nail Polish & Sophtyo are some of my favourite products. I haven't tried the night cream but it sounds nice from your review. As you know from my blog free from skincare is very important to me as I have allergies & eczema. It's nice to see more people writing about these awards.


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