Sunday 18 November 2012

ALLURE by Ané Dallas-Orr

My beautiful friend and colleague Ané has decided to showcase her amazing artwork.  

When she asked me to write a blog post for you all to advertise her exhibition I jumped at the chance! 

I hope you can pass this message on to any of your friends who live in the Cape Town area to visit Ané's exhibition and to see how talented she really is.

I have included details below of where the exhibition is being held as well as further information about the my friend the artist!... thanks for reading and don't forget to spread the word - we'd both love you for it!!

Here are details for ALLURE:

Below are a few pics of new ink paintings on display at exhibition. 

ALLURE by Ane Dallas-Orr opens Thursday 6 December 2012 from 5.30pm - 8pm at Grand Gallery & Shop, Grand Restaurant & Beach, Granger Bay, Cape Town. Exhibition concludes 31 January 2013.

DEGAS Ballerina

Fran - my personal favorite!


Stella - another favorite of mine!

ALLURE by ané dallas-orr

Born into the natural beauty of Cape Town, and raised by a mother in interior design and a father with a successful career in advertising, Ané Dallas-Orr spent her childhood surrounded by inspiring landscapes, objets d’art and intriguing design. 

With art and beauty beating in her veins, it was an easy decision to study Graphic Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Today, she works from her bright and happy studio in Richmond after moving to London with her husband in 2002.

It is from her childhood, and her appreciation for the beautiful and beguiling, that she draws the inspiration for her latest series of work. As a young girl, she delighted in making cards for friends and family members, depicting their main character traits with her distinctive and expressive line drawings. 

Three decades on, Ané draws inspiration from wider society; observing people, photography, fashion, music, interiors and fine art - subjects close to her heart. Her childhood technique is now refined and expanded to include a combination of sketch marks, line drawings, acrylics and watercolours that fuse effortlessly to portray simple yet uncannily realistic portraits. 

The pieces in Allure intrigue and entice, eliciting the sensuous. The tactile simplicity of a solitary black line curiously reveals the beauty of the subject matter it portrays. Magnetic, at times, steeped in vulnerability, uncompromisingly bold and quirky or even outright iconic, at others.

Allure is the product of the artist’s unrelenting passion: not just to simply capture the beauty that surrounds us, but to strip it down to its barest bones. Today’s society, in its relentless pursuit of youth and its ephemeral flawlessness, is obsessed with a beauty that can be both sterile and obvious. Ané challenges this obsession by capturing and portraying the bewitching, often elusive, qualities - that we all too often overlook - in an arresting manner that is hard to ignore. 

Throughout her work, Ané’s choice of colour captures and projects the play of light. In addition, her portraits showcase the interior world of the subject matter while her figurative and abstract collections display the emotion of observing a peaceful, ethereal or turbulent landscape. Combined with a staggering spectrum of brushwork, her characteristically vibrant palette evokes anything from a sense of dynamism and momentum to stillness and meditation.

Deploying line and ink alone lends integrity to the subject matter, bringing its true presence into crisp, distilled focus. Beauty and aesthetics are both celebrated and challenged. 

“There is space for everyone and everything in this world. My art does not hide behind anything, but rather aims to be a resolutely positive and life-affirming contribution to the world of art. I hope to connect the viewer with the inner beauty and integrity of my subject matter and draw their attention to all that is vulnerable, peaceful, charming and graceful. In a world that is constantly changing, it is art that challenges and shifts the boundaries.”  Ané Dallas-Orr



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