Friday 7 September 2012

YouTube Tag - The Blindfolded Make-Up challenge Part 1

A random post for you today but one that I have been looking forward to sharing with you all!

Here is 'Part One' of the blindfolded make-up challenge.

I brought my friend Robyn into filming this as we both thought it would be hilarious to video and it was!

I hope you enjoy this post and the video... what other YouTube tags am I missing out on??  There are so many and this is my first tag video.  (and it won't be my last)

I thought I did well with the eye-liner flick!??
This is how I did Robyn's Make up

The aftermath of the make-up challenge!

Tune in to my YouTube channel for the next video and let me know if we made you laugh as much as laughed filming this. :-D


  1. I have nominated you for an award! Check it out at the following link;

  2. That is great! I couldn't stop laughing!! Such a fun TAG! :)

    Southern Glamourista


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