Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mallzee - An Exclusive Pre-Launch Invite!

Exclusive pre-launch invite to a new unique shopping site - and some additional information about out site - is launching later this year and is all about making shopping online, social, fun, cheaper and a whole lot better!

Mallzee is all about making shopping social. Users create their own online mall (Mallzee) by picking their favourite brands and stores. 

The fancy technology then finds products suited to their tastes to showcase. 

Once they have built their Mallzee they are then able to invite their friends to shop with them, talk about products in chat, promote their Mallzee or brand choices on Facebook/Twitter and thanks to the group buying power receive some great discounts for their friends!

Plus as an added bonus - the user who built the Mallzee gets paid whenever they or their friends buy anything via it.  

The site will be live later this year and they already have 200 amazing companies on board (Urban Outfitters, New Look, French Connection and more). 

They are really keen to get the word out about Mallzee. With this in mind people can register now for a launch invite at and if they spread the word on Facebook of Twitter they will also enter them into a prize for £100/$155 of shopping vouchers and some other goodies. 

How the website looks

So what are you waiting for?  Go on to the Mallzee site now, register and lets see how we can make shopping a more social event! (plus getting paid for it?? BONUS!!)



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  2. The website sounds great and lovely blog :)

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  3. The website sounds fab, we'll defo check it out!xx

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