Wednesday 23 May 2012

Zara Mini Shopper Dube / copy from eBay for £16.99 what a Bargain!!

Hi Guys,

So I have been lusting after many a gorgeous item on the Zara website recently, and really some of the prices for things are totally out of my price range! 

So for my alternative 'fix' on a low budget I have been looking at eBay for inspiration.

The orignal Zara mini Shopper

The Zara Mini Shopper

The inside of the bag - I am not too keen on the drawstring as well as the colour of the fabric.  It will become dirty very quickly.




 Here's the link to the original Mini shopper bag from Zara Link £59.99 in Navy Blue
My Alternative

This bag is a nice size, I can fit loads as well as my Ipad

The handles are the same as the original Zara mini shopper - and are extremely sturdy

The inside compartment has space for your mobile and also a zipped pocket for smaller items. 
I also like the fact that the inside compartment attaches to the studs of the bag so it is secure 


The inside section of the bag can be removed and is extremely roomy

How the bag looks in the hand

eBay Dupe description - NWT Stylish Retro Vintage Celebrity Tote Shopper Satchel IT bag Handbag Shoulder Link for £16.99 with free postage direct from Hong Kong!

What do you think of this bag?  They also have it in brown, but I thought black would go with everything?

Let me know if you buy one?  The only downside of this bag is the shoulder strap - it isn't good quality, but I won't be using it that much so it didn't bother me.

Thanks for reading and please leave me comments.

Best wishes




 (photos from Zara website and my own)



  1. Hey! Great blog you have :) I have a question regarding the ebay copy of the zara bag. How would you rate the outer quaality of the bag? Is it a good leather-copy or is it obvious that it's fake?

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