Monday 23 April 2012

Amitee / Pamper Secrets Beauty Box Review March 2012

Hi chickies,

A little review on a new to the market beauty box for you -
The Amitee / Pamper secrets box.

Pamper secrets is an exclusive, members only beauty box subscription service available to friends of Amitee and is targeted at the ethnic market.

Each month they carefully select the best quality products for your hair and beauty needs so you can try them out in the comfort of your home before committing to buying the full-sized products.

Companies Amitee work with include popular, established brands as well as exciting upcoming brands. These are - Elemis, Paul Mitchell, and Murad to name a few.

In March, Amitee's beauty box subscription service will be open to everyone.
As of April, in order to subscribe you will have to enter an invitation code, which you will be able to obtain from either a current subscriber or through flash giveaways that Amitee will be holding on social networking sites.
Upon subscription, you will receive invitations to hand out, which will come in the form of unique codes.

A prospective subscriber will then have to enter that code as part of their sign up to successfully be a new subscriber.

Once you have handed out all five of your invitations and those people have successfully subscribed, Amitee will notify you about the reward.

The only catch -

Please note that if you unsubscribe to Amitee's service and wish to re-subscribe, you will once again need an invitation to do so.

The products in the Pamper Secrets beauty box are carefully selected to suit the needs of any and all ladies of African, West Indian, Asian or Mediterranean decent - now I do not fit into any of these categories, but I still enjoyed the box and especially the Elemis products and wasn't put off at all, so maybe if your thinking this box won't be suitable think again?

The bonus -

Each box contains a selection of 5 sample-sized products. Occasionally, you will receive full-sized products inside as well!

What I received in the box -


My video on the contents of this box and overall first impressions -

What do you think of this box?  Do you think its worth the £12.95 a month?

I really enjoyed this little box.

Thanks for reading / watching and please subscribe!



(some text from Amitee website all other my own)



  1. elemis?! im so jealous, i love their papaya enzyme mask

  2. Hi Lexi! Yep Elemis :-D this is why I went for this kit.

    Have you subscribed to any beauty boxes? xx

  3. Great and detailed review of the Pamper Secrets.I am contemplatiing trying it out.:)


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